Unadilla Castle
Unadilla Castle: 1272?, Delaware County, Sidney. Oneida Indian palisade and ditched mound on South side of Susquehanna River near present day Sidney. Said in 1722 to have existed since 1272.
Upper Fort
Upper Fort (1): 1777, Schoharie County, Southwest of Middleburgh, on West side of Schoharie Creek, and Northeast of village of Fultonham, not far from the Battle of the Flockey. It was so placed as to guard the entrance to the Schoharie valley from one of the principle indian trails. It was the most highly fortified of the three Schoharie Vally Forts and it was never attacked. The house and barn of Johannes Feeck were enclosed with pickets on one side and 8 to 10 foot high breastworks on the others. Blockhouses and sentry boxes were built on the northwest and southeast corners, each mounting a small cannon. Barracks and log huts were built for soldiers and civilians.
Upper Mohawk Castle
Upper Mohawk Castle: 1710, Herkimer County, Town of Danube
Upton, Camp
Camp Upton: 1917, Suffolk County, Yaphank. World War 1 mobilization Camp named for Civil War General Emory Upton. Barracks were constructed for 37,000. Major unit mobilized was the 77th Infantry Division, of mostly NYC and Long Island troops. Irving Berlin trained here and it may have inspired his "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning". Closed in 1921 and all buildings were auctioned and removed. Now site of Brookhaven National Laboratories.
Utrecht Bay Blockhouse
Utrecht Bay Blockhouse: 1814-1815, Utrecht Bay, Kings County. One of several blockhouses for the defense of NY Harbor ordered by Gen Joseph Smith, Chief of Engineers. (Bath Beach, Utrecht Bay, Denyse's Heights, Princess Bay, Jamaica Bay - Decatur) Records are not clear that all of the sites were constructed.

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