The following pages contain an alphabetical listing of all forts, camps, “castles”, fields, bases, etc., that exist(ed) in New York State. The word "fort" is used here in accordance with the early customs when it applied not only to forts of a larger size, but also to blockhouses, stockades, or earthworks that were protected by cannon, and were intended to be regularily garrisoned and maintained. The listings include pictures, sketches or maps when available, plus links to other site(s) with more information if known.

Some forts have contentious issues as to dates, names, even locations. When an issue is known, both sets of "facts" may be given. Our intent is to provide information, and we do not take ourselves to be the authority on all things. If you have information on any missing fort, additional information, good/better picture or rendering, other links, or suggestions, please contact us. We welcome and encourage contributions. We would appreciate assistance in getting pictures of any historical markers that are out of our convenient travel area, and any better pictures of sites.

Special Recognition

This section was made possible by the hard work and diligent research of Col. Michael J. Stenzel, NYG. Col. Stenzel spent many years compiling the information contained on these pages.