The Communities Of New York And The Civil War: Chenango County

AFTON (1,770)
Artillery: 5E

Artillery: 3M
Infantry: 168H

COLUMBUS (1,407)
Infantry: 161K

COVENTRY (1,671)
Cavalry: 10K
Infantry: 168A

GERMAN (781)
Cavalry: 10M22L

GREENE (3,809)
Cavalry: 10K22L
Infantry: 114E168H

GUILFORD (2,743)
Infantry: 161K

McDONOUGH (1,483)
Cavalry: 10K

NEW BERLIN (2,617)
Artillery: 1A
Infantry: 114F

NORWICH (4,356)
Artillery: 2IL
Cavalry: 8K20LM22L
Infantry: 17H89E90B114BC161K

OTSELIC (1,752)
Infantry: 114I

OXFORD (3,290)
Cavalry: 10KM22L
Infantry: 89E114AH

Cavalry: 8K

PITCHER (1,276)
Cavalry 8K10LM
Infantry: 157C

PLYMOUTH (1,668)
Cavalry: 22L

PRESTON (1,013)
Cavalry: 10K

Artillery: 1A
Cavalry: 8K10K
Infantry: 114F157A161K176B

SMYRNA (1,822)
Infantry: 157F

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