The Story of the 27th Division, By John F. O'Ryan, Table of Contents

Foreword 9
I.   The Origin of the New York Division 13
II.   Preparatory Service on the Mexican Border 17
III. Guarding Public Utilities at the Outbreak of War 45
IV. Mobilization for the World War 49
V.   Organization of Camp Wadsworth 61
VI.   General O'Ryan's Tour of Observation with the British and French Armies in 1917 71
VII.   Reorganization of Division 85
VIII.   Life at Camp Wadsworth 99
IX.   Training of the Division for War 117
X.   Movement Overseas 145
XI.   Training with the British 161
XII.   Service with the 3d British Army 185
XIII. Service with the 2d British Army 195
XIV. Battle of Vierstraat Ridge 225
XV.   Special Training in the Beauquesne Area and Preparation for the Battle of the Hindenburg Line 243
XVI.   Battle for the Outworks of the Hindenburg Line 265
XVII. Battle for the Main Defenses of the Hindenburg Line 295
XVIII. Enemy Retirement from Hindenburg Line, the Pursuit to Le Selle River, and Le Selle River Operations 343
XIX.   The Rest Area at Corbie 389
XX.   Le Mans Area 407
XXI.   Home-coming, Parade and Final Muster 429
XXII.   Operations of the 52d Field Artillery Brigade 443
XXIII. Experiences of Men Taken Prisoner 489
XXIV. Use of the Bomb and Bayonet 499
XXV.   Supply; Intelligence; Medical; Gas; Animal Casualties 523


Exhibits *PDF unavailable* 569
War Diary *PDF unavailable* 753
Decorations  893
Divisional Citations *PDF unavailable* 929
Names of Dead with Original Places of Burial 1065
Names of Men Missing in Action 1091
Cemetery List 1092
Casualty Statements 1093
Roster of Officers 1107
Index 1139
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