7th Regiment, New York National Guard

Nickname: National Guard

Left the state: April 19, 1861, mustered in: April 26, 1862
Mustered out: June 3, 1861
Left the state: May 25, 1862, mustered in: May 29, 1862
Mustered out: September 5, 1862
Mustered in: June 16, 1863
Mustered out: July 20, 1863

The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Frederick Phisterer. Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, 1912.

This regiment, located in New York city, is still in existence; its companies, A, B, C and D, were organized during the excitement created by the firing of British at American vessels off Sandy Hook in April, 1806, as the 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th Companies, and June 25th they were officially reorganized by the State as part of the uniformed militia of the State, and attached to the battalion of artillery commanded by Maj. Andrew Sitcher. April 5, 1807, tthe battalion, in the organization of the 3d Regiment of New York Artillery, became its 2d Battalion. When the war with England became imminent in 1807, these four companies, with other volunteers, were temporarily organized as a regiment, commanded by Col. Peter Curtenius, and remained thus detached until April 20, 1809. In 1812 the 3d became the nth Regiment of Artillery, the four companies remaining the 2d Battalion. August 25, 1824, the battalion was named " Battalion of National Guards" (its distinctive name until, in 1862, the Legislature appropriated it for the uniformed militia), and in December, 1824, the fifth company was organized, and Captain Stevens' company, of the nth New York Artillery, transferred to it as the sixth company. In January, 1825, the battalion was transferred to the 2d New York Artillery, October 1, 1825, the battalion was detached and organized as a separate and independent battalion, and during the month the seventh company was organized. May 4, 1826, the organization of the eighth company was completed, and May 7th, the battalion was organized into a regiment, the 27th Artillery. April 17, 1838, a troop of cavalry was admitted to the regiment, which, in 1861, became the ninth company. In 1843, the State furnished the regiment with arms, it having heretofore provided them itself. July 27th, the designation of the regiment was changed to 7th Regt. In April, 1849, an engineer corps was organized, which was revived and reorganized March i, 1855. A tenth company, Co. K, was organized March 29, 1860. The regiment was frequently ordered to hold itself ready for service, and did active service for the United States, the State and New York city, as follows: United States service from September 15 to December 15, 1812; from September 2 to December 2, 1814; in support of State or municipal authority: execution of James Reynolds, November 19, 1825; at the Election Riots, April 10, 1834; Abolition Riot, July 11 to 12, 1834; Great Conflagration in New York city, December 17, 1835; Stevedore Riot, February 24, 1836; Flour Riots, February 6 and March 6, 1837; Anti-rent War, December 9 to 10, 1839; Croton Water Riot, April 22 to 23, 1840; fire in New York city, July 19 to 21, 1845; Astor Place Riot, May 10, 12 and 14, 1849; Police Riot, June 16, 1857; Dead Rabbit Riot, July 5, 1857; Quarantine War, January 3, 1859; preserving order at camp of Spinola Brigade, September 12 to 19, 1862; Draft Riots, July, 1863; Orange Riots, July, 1871; Labor Riots, July, 1877; Motormen's Strike, Brooklyn, January, 1895, and at strike, Croton Dam, April, 1900; service in the War of the Rebellion.
April 19, 1861, the regiment, commanded by Col. Marshall Lefferts, left the State, en route to Washington, D. C., where it was mustered in the service of the United States for thirty days, April 26, 1861; it served at Washington and was mustered out at New York city, June 3, 1861.
May 25, 1862, the regiment, still commanded by Colonel Lefferts, again left the State, and was mustered in the United States service at camp Hamilton, Va., May 29, 1862, for three months, from May 26, 1862. It served most of this time at Baltimore, Md., and was mustered out of the United States service, September 5, 1862, at New York city.
June 16, 1863, it again re-entered the United States service, and was mustered in at New York city, for thirty days. It left the State on the 17th, under the command of Colonel Lefferts, served at Baltimore, and Frederick, Md., in the 2d Separate Brigade, Middle Department, 8th Corps, and was mustered out of the United States service, July 20, 1863, at New York city.
In its service, in 1861, it lost one enlisted man, accidentally killed, and it took part in: The advance into Virginia, May 24, 1861, and the New York city riot July 16, 1863.

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

The Seventh Regiment is in the Third brigade, First division of the militia organization, and was the first to leave the State. The following were the field officers:
Colonel—Marshall Lefferts. 
Lieutenant-Colonel—William A. Pond.
Major—Alexander Shaler.
The regiment left on the 19th of April—strength ten hundred and fifty men. This organization was well known, not only in our own State, but throughout, the country, as one of the best appointed and drilled militia regiments then in existence. Com¬posed of young men in the bloom of manhood, and connected with all the active business pursuits of the great metropolis, their departure was the cause of the most intense excitement through a large class of it's citizens, and the scenes attending it are thus described:
" Around the armory of the Seventh regiment crowds gathered at an early period of the day, and. moved on only to be replaced by other crowds. So the excitement was kept up, till towards three o'clock the throng became stationary. It was by no means an ordinary crowd. From all quarters the members of the regi¬ment, in full fatigue dress, with their, knapsacks and blankets, were pouring into the armory. Guards at the doors kept the crowd, who had no business inside, from entering, but the build¬ing was filled to its utmost, notwithstanding, by the members, their relatives and friends. There were many touching scenes of farewell-taking, but these were merely episodes. There was no faltering among the men. A heartier shake of the hand than usual to a friend, a warmer kiss to a wife or mother, and the man hood of the soldier grew the greater, and he trussed his knapsack the tighter to his back as he gave the last adieu. " The regiment formed in Lafayette Place, about four o'clock, P. M. in the presence of an immense crowd each window of each building being filled with such fair applauders as might cheer the heart of the forlornest bachelor; if there were any such among those noble soldiers. Once in line, they proceeded through Fourth street to Broadway; down that great thoroughfare to Cortland street, and across the ferry, in boats provided for the purpose, to Jersey City. The line of march was a perfect ova¬tion. Thousands upon thousands lined the sidewalks. It will be remembered as long as any of those who witnessed it live to talk of it, and beyond that it will pass into the recorded history of this fearful struggle. 
" The regiment marched not as on festival days -- not as on the reception of the Prince of Wales---but nobly and sternly, as men who were going to the war. Hurried was their step --not as regu¬lar as on less important occasions. We saw women -- we saw men shed tears as they passed. Amidst the deafening cheers that rose, we heard cries of 'God bless them!' And so along Broadway and through Cortland street, under its almost countless flags, the gallant Seventh regiment left the city."
The excitement in Jersey City, long before they had crossed the ferry, was scarcely less intense, and when they landed there they found they were by no means in a foreign State. It seemed that all the people of the, sister city had turned; out. It was re-enaction, of what their fellow townsmen had done for them. White handkerchiefs, waved by ladies' hands, were as numerous as the dogwood blossoms in spring, and it was proved that a Jer¬seyman can raise as hearty a cheer as the best New Yorker. And so it was till all were fairly disposed of in the cars and the cars moved off.
News of the riot in Baltimore, in which the Massachusetts sol¬diers were killed, was received before the regiment left New York and increased greatly the interest attending its departure. Forty-eight rounds of ball cartridge were served out to its members before leaving. The Seventh went by railroad to Perrysville; thence by steamer to Annapolis, and along or near the railroad track to Annapolis Junction and Washington, where it served for thirty days. Arrived at Annapolis April 22d, and at Washington the 25th, rind was mustered into the United States service April 27th. The regiment crossed the Potomac with the first troops that entered Virginia, when Alexandria and Arlington Heights were occupied, and labored with the New Jersey brigade in the construction of "Fort Runyon."
The Seventh remained on duty at and in the vicinity of Wash¬ington until the 31st of May, when it returned to New York. The following is an extract from an order of the War Depart¬ment, issued the day previous to the regiment's leaving Washington:
"It is the desire of the War Department, in relinquishing the services of this gallant regiment, to make known the satisfaction that is felt at the prompt and patriotic maimer in which it responded to the call for men to defend the Capital, when it was believed to be in peril, and to acknowledge the important service which it rendered by appearing here in an hour of dark and trying necessity. The time for which it had engaged has now expired. The service which it was expected to perform has been handsomely accomplished, and its members may return to their native city with the assurance that its services are gratefully appreciated by all good and loyal citizens, whilst the Government is equally confident that when the country again calls upon them the appeal will not be made in vain to the young men of New York."


7th Regiment NY State Militia | National Color | Civil War

On May 23, 1861, at Camp Cameron near Washington, D.C., the 7th Regiment received this silk national color during a grand presentation ceremony with…


7th Regiment NY National Guard | Guidon | 1877-1890

This silk swallowtail guidon in the U.S. National pattern includes 38 gold-colored, painted stars in the canton and red, white and blue silk ties. The…


7th Regiment NY National Guard | General Guide Flag | c. 1899

This silk general guide flag in the U.S. National pattern includes 42 gold-colored, embroidered stars and the regiment's numeric designation, "7,"…


7th Regiment Departure Flag | Civil War

Late in the afternoon on April 19, 1861, the 7th Regiment, New York State Militia formed up in Lafayette Place in New York City, wheeled into column,…

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5th Company Glee+book: Co. E, 7th N.g.s.n.y. N.Y: Presented with the compliments of Wm. R. Biddle, Steam Printer, 1883. Print.
Located at the New York Historical Society Library.

Abraham Lincoln Letter, October 20, 1864.
This letter addressed to Mr. Clinton has reference to a commission he sought in the Corps of Army Engineers. Mr. Clinton was an architect and designed the Armory at 66th Street and Park Avenue. It was completed in 1880.

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Letters from Alexander Hamilton Britton, addressed to "Uncle" and "Uncle John", dated between 1862 and 1863. They describe conditions in camp, in Washington, Maryland and Virginia, and include references to rumors, the unruly behavior of "Ellsworth's crowd" [Elmer E. Ellsworth's 11th New York regiment] when quartered in the House of Representatives, and concern to avoid censorship of his letters. Located at the New York Historical Society Library.

Butler, Benjamin F. Butler's Book. Boston: A. M. Thayer & Co., 1892.
Contains the general's remarks on the movements of the regiment in reaching Washington, at pages 182-204.
Thank you to Steve Glazer for pointing out this resource.

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Camp Cameron, Georgetown, D.C., the encampment of the Seventh Regiment New York State Militia ; [graphic] Service by Rev. Dr. Weston, chaplain of the Seventh Regiment, at Camp Cameron, on Sunday, May 5th, 1861 / Sketched by our special artist.1861 May 25.
Illustrations show a view of Camp Cameron and soldiers and citizens attending an outdoor church service. Title from item. Illus. in: Harper's weekly, v. 5, (1861 May 25), p. 324.

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Available online at: books.google.com/books?id=J2wDAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false  
Thank you to Steve Glazer for pointing out this resource.

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Through extensive research, this article reveals the number of Rutgers College alumni confirmed to have participated in the Civil War was about 165. Glazer summaries data on these participants and highlights the lives of a few them. He also constructs a list of all of them with pertinent biographical information about each.
Available online at: http://reaper64.scc-net.rutgers.edu/journals/index.php/jrul/article/viewFile/1865/3298

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Head Quarters Seventh Regiment National Guard, S.n.y: General Order No. 9. New York, April 15th, 1865 ... [countermanding General Order No. 8 (for the Illumination of the Regimental Armory and the Celebration of Recent Victories) and Ordering the Official Mourning of President Lincoln's Death]. New York, 1865. Print.

Head Quarters Seventh Regiment National Guard, S.n.y: General Order No. 10. New York, April 20th, 1865 ... [order Detailing Plans for the Regiment to Parade As Special Escort for the Remains of President Lincoln on Monday, April 24th, 1865]. New York, 1865. Print.

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James Rowen O'Beirne Collection.

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Soldiers resting and walking around tents. 1 drawing on cream paper : pencil and black ink wash ; 12.9 x 33.9 cm. (sheet). Library of Congress. View Online.

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Diaries containing essays and details relating to Lent and his service with the 7th Regiment of the New York Volunteers during the Civil War.
 Located at HistoryMiami Archives & Research Center, Miami, FL.(?)

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Thank you to Steve Glazer for pointing out this resource.

Menu for the Reception by the Seventh Reg't National Guard, N Y. S. M., of its members who have served in the Regular and Volunteer Army and Navy of the United States during the Great Rebellion.

Mitchell, Robert C. Robert Charlton Mitchell Family Papers, 1805-[1926?] (bulk 1861-1895), Mss 869, Cincinnati Historical Society, Cincinnati Museum Center.
Contains Mitchell's military commissions as captain and major and a few documents from his service during the Civil War. Includes four publications from the reunions of: the Society of the Fifty-First Regiment of the Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, the 7th Regiment of the New York National Guard, the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers, and the Society of the Army of the Potomac. Collection also contains genealogies of the Mitchell and Gaff families, photographs and other family documents.

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Located at the Library of Congress.

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Contains the "Reports of Regiments of the National Guard Which Served in the Late War." The "History of the Service of the Seventh Regiment N.G.S.N.Y., During the Great Rebellion" appears at pages 52-80. Available online here.
Thank you to Steve Glazer for pointing out this resource.

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Thank you to Steve Glazer for pointing out this resource.

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Pollard, Josephine. Papers, 1862-1897
Description: 34 items.
Abstract: Chiefly letters from Josephine Pollard and some family members to Captain Don Alonzo Pollard of the United States Army, 7th New York Infantry Regiment. Papers also include the sheet music, "Third Company Quickstep," by C.S. Grafula, and an engraved picture of Captain Pollard. The Correspondence, mainly from siblings, describes family life back at home to Captain Pollard who is away with the 7th Regiment. They often inquire of his health, as well. Also included is a group of poetry, chiefly from one of his sisters, Josephine Pollard, to him describing various events, e.g., the army's skill, a party invitation. There are also two letters included from another member of the 7th Regiment, W.M. Massey, asking to be given his resignation from the army.
Located at Duke University.

PowersColl (Misc booklets, commemoratives, etc. on hist of the rect)
Located at the Military History Institute in Carlisle, PA.

Proceedings of the Conference Committees of the Board of Officers Seventh Regt., N.G.S.N. Y., and the Veterans of the Seventh Reg't. N.G.S.N.Y. New York: Veterans of the Seventh Regt, N.G.S.N.Y., [1885].

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Request made of President Lincoln by Capt. W.P. Bensel for a Lieutenancy for John W. Sibell.
Letter is in a metal case that flips to show both the front an back of the letter. The letter is on one side and a short description and Lincoln's response to the letter is on the other side.

Rogers, Edmund P. Headquarters Company K, Seventh Regiment, N.g.s.n.y. New York, June 15, 1868. Company Orders No. 10: The Following Decision Is Hereby Promulgated for the Information and Guidance of the Active and Honorary Members of This Company. New York, N.Y: s.n, 1868. Print.

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Scrap book, 7th Regiment N.Y.S.N.G. During The Civil War.

The Seventh Regiment New York State Militia in the Cars En Route for Washington. 1860.
Print shows men of the 7th Regiment of New York militia inside a railroad car. View online here.

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Musical score.

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Correspondence, 1804 and 1860-1863, of the Van Duzer family of Croton Falls, New York; mostly comprising letters sent home by the brothers Charles F., John B., and George Van Duzer while serving in the army and navy during the Civil War, and addressed to their parents, Selah and Ariana Van Duzer and other members of the Van Duzer family. Included are 16 letters by Lt. Charles F. Van Duser, 1861 Apr.-1862 Jun., decribing his activities and experiences in the 7th New York Regiment and in the 12th United States Infantry regiment. He writes of troop movements, engagements with the enemy, marching and living conditions in the army, illness, daily routines, etc., up to the time of his death at the battle of Gaines Mills, Virginia, on Jun. 27, 1862. Located at the New York Historical Society Library.

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