History of the 23rd Regiment N.G.S.N.Y., Re-Designated The 106th Infantry A.E.F., To Which is Prefixed A History Of The Brooklyn City Guard, The Parent Organization., By Rutherford Ireland

This is a typed manuscript (typescript) history, of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, later designated the 106th Infantry Regiment, New York National Guard, written by Rutherford Ireland. The manuscript is 510 pages, including an index. Along with the typed manuscript is a penciled, unpaginated manuscript history of the 106th Infantry by an unknown author, possibly Ireland.

Rutherford Ireland served in the 23rd Infantry from 1899 to ca. 1920. Ireland was a captain in the 106th Infantry during World War I. The DMNA collection contains some personal items of Ireland’s.

The manuscript provides a detailed history of the regiment’s activities, officers and lineage. The regiment recruited primarily from Brooklyn, NY and its parent unit was the Brooklyn City Guard. Particular attention is given to the unit’s Mexican Border service in 1916 and its World War I history. The genesis of the 27th Infantry Division (A.E.F.) at the beginning of World War I is covered. Some information is given on the history of the 23rd Infantry, New York Guard. The first volume covers the years from 1842 to 1936, the second volumes goes from 1937 to 1940.

Chapter 1: The Brooklyn City Guard. Its organization, social prominence and military standing
Chapter 2: The Twenty-third Regiment. Its organization. The Gettysburg Campaign
Chapter 3: Proposed new armory. Innovation of rifle practice. The Grey Brigade. The new Claremont Avenue Armory. Creedmoor. Philadelphia Centennial.
Chapter 4: Controversary over the right to wear the Sixth Corps Badge. Re-organization of the Guard. The State Camp opened by the 23rd Regiment. The New Bedford Avenue Armory. Brooklyn Strike riots. War with Spain.
Chapter 5: The Albany Strike riots. President McKinley assassinated. Joint Manoeuvers.Mobilzed for service on the Rio Grande. Mobilized for service in the World War.
Chapter 6: The 27th Division, A.E.F, organized. War declared against Germany. Camp Wadsworth, S.C., The 106th Infantry embarks for France. Battles and engagements partitcipated in.
Chapter 7: The October Offensive. The Armistice. Embarks for the United States. Mustered out. Federalization of the New York Guard. The re-construction period.
Chapter 8: [History 1937 - 1940]

The appendices are:
Appendix A: Roster of officers of the Brooklyn City Guard.
Appendix B: Roster of officers of the 23rd Regiment, N.G.U.S.
Appendix C: Roster of officers of the 23rd N.Y. Infantry, N.G.U.S.
Appendix D: Roster of officers of the Depot Battalion, 23rd Regiment.
Appendix E: Roster of officers of the 23rd Infantry, New York Guard.
Appendix F: Roster of officers of the 106th Infantry, A.E.F.
Appendix G: Roster of officers of the 106th Infantry, N.Y.N.G.
Appendix H: Roll of the dead of the 106th Infantry, A.E.F.
Appendix I: Roster of those decorated for gallantry in action.
Appendix J: Achievements of the regimental rifle teams.
Appendix K: Concise histories of units of the 23rd Infantry, N.Y.G.
Appendix L: Roster of volunteers for the War with Spain.
Appendix M: Roster of officers and non-commissioned officers who served in the armies of the U.S. in the War with Spain.