Pictorial History, Twenty-Seventh Division, United States Army, 1940-1941

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An excel spreadsheet with full results is here.

A digitized version of the book is here.

The Pictorial history, Twenty-Seventh Division, United States Army, 1940-1941 was originally published by Army-Navy Publishers, Inc, in 1941. It is a yearbook-type book with individual photos of the officers and group photographs of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men. It is arranged by unit. Enlisted men are identified only by first and middle initials. There are no page numbers in the book and the page numbers in the index refer to the actual page number of the book which does not correspond to the page number in the digitized version. The most efficient way to use the index is to look for the Regiment and Company.

Thank you to Bruce Scott for indexing these names.

Unit Sub-unit Pages
Division Staff and HQ   3-20
52nd Artillery Brigade   27-29
  104th Field Artillery 30-61
  105th Field Artillery 62-91
  106th Field Artillery 92-123
53rd Infantry Brigade   124-127
  105th Infantry Regiment 128-169
  106th Infantry Regiment 170-211
54th Infantry Brigade   212-215
  108th Infantry Regiment 216-257
  165th Infantry Regiment 258-299
102nd Observation Squadron   300-303
102nd Engineers (Combat)   309-331
102nd Quartermaster Regiment   332-357
102nd Medical Regiment   358-385
27th Division Special Troops   386-394
  Military Police Company 395-397
  Signal Company 398-399
  Ordnance Company 400-401