Garibaldi War Song

The Thorny Rose: The Americanization Of An Urban, Immigrant, Working Class Regiment In The Civil War. A Social History Of The 39th New York Volunteer Infantry

Dedicated to Colonel D'Utassy, the officers and men of the Garibaldi Guard
By Frank H. Norton
Air — "Partant pour la Syrie."
Forward, men, and meet the foe—
You strike for your chosen land;
Let the tramp, tramp of your marching feet
Be the guide to your steady hand.
Remember how your sires have fought—
Remember your wrongs of old—
And fight for right and justice
Till your hearts' red blood runs cold.

Ye come from many a far off clime,
And speak in many a tongue
But Freedom's song will reach the heart
In whatever language sung.
Then wake your voices; let them ring
From mountain-side to sea,
In one glad chorus- "GOD PROTECT

Remember, men, whose name ye bear-
He of the lion soul —
And cry it forth till the woods resound, 
And the mountain echoes roll; 
And let it be your proudest boast, 
Your dearest honored fame, 
To have won your laurels in the light 
Of that great patriot name.

Your native land shall glow with pride
From Hungary's wide plains
To Italy's blood-crimsoned fields
Your deeds shall cleanse their stains;
And every man who falls shall leave
Above the grassy sod
The name of one who fought and died
For freedom and his God.

(New York Daily Tribune. May 29,1861)