History of the Three Colors or Flags Used - 137th New York Infantry Regiment

By The 137th Regt N.Y.S. Vols.


1. One Flag made of blue silk bearing the arms of the State of New York and obtained from the Quartermaster Department of said State.
The mentioned Flag was carried in the battles of Chance lorsville [sic] (Va) Gettysburg (Pa) Wauhatchee (Tenn) Lookout Mountain (Tenn) Mission Ridge (Tenn) and Ringold (Ga)

2. The National Flag made of silk, drawn from the Quartermaster’s Department of the State of New York was carried in the battle of Chancellorsville (Va) Gettysburg (Pa) Wauhatchee Lookout Mountain, and Mission Ridge (Tenn) and Ringold (Ga). Was the first flag planted upon the Enemy’s works on Lookout Mountain
At the battle of Wauhatchee it’s [sic] bearer was shot through the shoulder, disabled and discharged.
The bearer of the first flag was shot through the body in the Battle of Lookout Mountain, but recovered from his wound.

3 .One National Color made of silk obtained from the United States Quartermaster Department was carried in the battle of Redaca, New Hope Church, Pine Knob., Nose’s Creek Kennesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Siege of Atlanta and Siege of Savannah (Ga), The Flag was torn completely from it’s [sic] staffby a shell in a charge upon the Enemy’s works in front of Savannah (Ga).

K S Van Vorhees
Late Brevet Col U.S. Vols
Comdg 137th N.Y. Vols


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