1st Battalion Of Artillery (Heavy)

Nickname: Baden Artillery; Brickel's German Artillery; German Artillery Corps

Mustered in by companies: August 12 to September 20, 1861.
Disbanded: March 5, 1863. Men transferred to other companies.

The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Frederick Phisterer. Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, 1912.

Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Brickel received, July 23, 1861, authority from the War Department to recruit this battalion. It was organized in New York city and there mustered in the service of the United States for three years, Companies A, B, C and D August 26 and 12, and September 11 and 20, 1861, respectively. It was accepted by the State October 10, 1861. The men were recruited in New York city. The battalion left the State October 12, 1861, and served at and near Washington, D. C.; with the Army of the Potomac, and in the 22d Corps until spring, 1863. March 5, 1863, the battalion organization was discontinued and the companies designated: A, Capt. Otto Diederich, the 29th Battery; B, Capt. Adolph Voegelee, the 30th Battery; C, Capt R. Langner, the 31st Battery, and D, Capt. Charles Kusserow, the 32d Battery of Light Artillery.

The losses of the battalion, and the engagements it took part in, are included in the record of the batteries the companies were converted into; except the loss of one field officer, died of wounds received in action; one company officer, died of disease; total, two officers, before the battalion.ceased to exist.

The following is taken from The Union army: a history of military affairs in the loyal states, 1861-65 -- records of the regiments in the Union army -- cyclopedia of battles -- memoirs of commanders and soldiers, Volume II: New York, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio. Madison, WI: Federal Pub. Co., 1908.

First Battalion Heavy Artillery.—Lieut.-Col., Andrew Brickell; Maj., Albert Arndt. This battalion was raised and organized in New York city in the summer of 1861 and was mustered into the U. S. service from Aug 12 to Sept. 20, for three years. The battalion— Cos. A, B, C and D—left the state on Oct. 20, and remained at Washington until the spring of 1862. In March, 1863, the battalion organization was discontinued, and the companies were designated: A, the 29th; B, the 30th; C, the 31st; and D, the 32nd, independent batteries of light artillery, respectively. Following is the record of these four batteries: 29th Independent Battery30th Independent Battery31st Independent Battery; and 32nd Independent Battery.

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