11th Independent Battery List Of Members, Soldier’s Lyceum

11th Independent Battery
List Of Members, Soldier’s Lyceum, 
List Of Honorary Members, Soldier’s Lyceum
Transcribed By Brendan Murphy

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Names of Members.

Armington, Alex
Benton, Andrew
Broughton, William. H. ( killed Oct, 1864 at Petersburgh) 
Badger, Franklin J.
Barnes. Charles
Barlow, John
Briggs, Ralph B.
Corliss, Stephen P.
Crounse, J.Q.A. 
Davis, Wm.
Dalton. Wm. A.
Davey, Geo. W. ( promoted to 2nd Lt.)
Fuly, Edward L.
Gillet, Adrian
Gabriel, N Gale , promoted to 2nd Lt.
Groesbeck, James ( wounded June 16, 1864)
Henry, P Grubb
Hastings, Wm.
Hill, Charles. H.
Hollis. Herber R.
Kilmer, John W
Kelly, Charles H. (wounded June 8, 1864)
Lay, John S.
Leonard, Chauncey S.
Meynes, Charles A
Ouderkirk, Samuel . N.
Putnam, Dewitt. C. 
Paterson, Wm. C.
Pearse E. L.
Reynolds John W.
Robertson Wallace (wounded June 23 1864)
Roles, Elihu H. (wounded June 15, 1864 )
Rowland Henry
Reynolds, James J.
Shepard, Lewis C.
Salsbury, William H.
Vandenburg. G. H. (killed June 12, 1864 at Cold Harbor)
Wessell Peter C

Names of Honorary. Members.

Mr. William S. Briggs of Coeymans, New York
Mr. Stephen Draper of Troy, New York
Mr. George Guardinier of Albany, New York
Mr. Marshall Pearce of Albany, New York
Mr. Jonathan M. Ropes of Elizabethport, New Jersey
Mr. Samuel Wilkinson of Canaan, New York.