New York City: 5th Avenue Arsenal (Central Park)

Street Address:Fifth Avenue at East 64th Street
County:New York
Year Constructed:1848 (not completely finished until 1854) / crenellated parapets and corner bastions replaced with low-pitched hipped roofs in late 1860's / restored in 1924
Architect:Martin E. Thompson
Square footage:Unknown
Acreage:152 parcels
Status:Sold to New York City for incorporation into Central Park in 1857 / Militia used building during Civil War / Converted to Museum of Natural History, weather observatory, and local division of city police in 1869 / Currently home to New York City Parks and Recreation, City Parks Foundation, Historic House Trust, New York Wildlife Conservation Society, Parks Library, and Arsenal Gallery

1st Division:    1848 - 1857
7th Regiment:    1848 - 1857