New York City: Historic Rental Facilities

Street Address:
County:New York
Year Constructed:1860s, Pre-1871, 1883
Square footage:

Units Stationed:

Street Address:

Year Constructed:

1st Regiment Sixth Avenue near Broadway pre 1871
5th Regiment Hester Street pre 1871
6th Regiment Fourteenth (3rd and Lexington) pre 1871
8th Regiment 281 Ninth Avenue 1883
8th & 69th Regiment Broadway above Hester pre 1871
11th Regiment corner of Grand and Ludlow 1883
11th Regiment Delancy Street near Bowery pre 1871
55th Regiment Second Avenue pre 1871
84th Regiment Second Avenue pre 1871
96th Regiment Bowery near East Houston pre 1871
1st Artillery Sixth above 23rd pre 1871
1st & 3rd Cavalry Bowery below Canal pre 1871
Lindsey Blues (Independent Company) 481 Broadway 1860s
Washington Grey Troop Broadway (34th - 6th) pre 1871