Union Blue and Militia Gray: The Role of the New York State Militia in the Civil War

By Gustav Person

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree of Master of Arts In The Department of History In The Graduate Division Of Queens College Of The City Of New York

Stanley P. Hirshson Professor Graduate Advisor
Queens, New York, May, 1992
Updated and corrected on 17 March 2005




Chapter 1. Antecedents and Organization

Chapter 2. 1861: Active Service

Chapter 3. Raising the Volunteers

Chapter 4. 1862: National Guard

Chapter 5. 1863: Pennsylvania and New York City

Chapter 6. The Last Two Years

Appendix 1. Militia Regiments Mobilized in 1861

Appendix 2. Order of Battle: Bull Run Campaign

Appendix 3. National Guard Regiments Mobilized in 1862

Appendix 4. National Guard Regiments Mobilized in 1863

Appendix 5. National Guard Units Called into Active Service in 1864

Map 1. Bull Run Battlefield

Map 2. Pennsylvania and Maryland 1862/1863

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