New York Militia Laws during the Civil War

1862 Laws of The State Of New York,
Passed At The Eighty-Fifth Session Of The Legislature,
Begun January Seventh, And Ended April Twenty-Third, 1862
In The City Of Albany

Chapter 234
AN ACT to provide for the payment of certain moneys expended in equipping the twentieth regiment of New York State militia.

Chapter 420
AN ACT to incorporate the Union Home and School for the education and maintenance of the children of Volunteers.

Chapter 421
AN ACT to provide for the reimbursement of certain persons and regiments belonging to the militia of this State for clothing and equipments lost or destroyed in the service of the United States.

Chapter 477
AN ACT to provide for the enrollment of the militia, the organization and discipline of the National Guard of the State of New York, and for the public defence.
Sections 1 - 3: Of The Persons Subject To Military Duty.
Sections 4 - 19: Of The Enrollment Of Persons Subject To Military Duty
Sections 20 - 48: Of The General Organization Of The Militia, And The Organization Of The National Guard Of The State Of New York.
Sections 49 - 111: Of The Election And Appointment Of Military Officers And The Tenure Of Their Offices.
Sections 112 - 118: Of The Organization Of Bands Of Musicians.
Sections 119 - 132: Of The Issuing And Safe Keeping Of Arms.
Sections 133 - 172: Of The Drills, Parades And Rendezvous Of The National Guard, And Of Compensation For Military Services.
Sections 173 - 182: Of Compensation For Military Services.
Sections 183 - 188: Of The Regimental Fund And Regimental Boards Of Auditors.
Sections 189 - 204: Of The Courts Of Inquiry And Courts Martial For The Trial Of Officers.
Sections 205 - 215: Of Regimental And Battalion Courts Martial.
Sections 216 - 224: Of The Imposition Of Penalties And Fines For Violating The Provisions Of This Act.
Sections 225 - 231: Of The Collection Of Fines And Penalties.
Sections 232 - 253:General Provisions Applicable To All Courts Martial And Courts Of Inquiry.
Sections 254 - 282: Of The Duties Of Certain Staff Officers, And Of Various Matters Connected With Their Various Respective Departments.
Sections 283 - 290:Of Invasion, Insurrection, Breaches Of The Peace, And Drafts Of The Militia.
Sections 291 - 297: Of Riots, Tumults, Breaches Of The Peace And Resist-Ance To Process.
Sections 298 - 303: Of Drafts Of The Militia.
Sections 304 - 305: Of The Military Fund Of The State And Appropria¬Tions For Military Purposes.
Sections 306 - 320:Miscellaneous Provisions.