Inquiries Relating to the Formation and Movements

Transcribed by Nathan Thompson


1. Number of Regiment: Fifth

2. Synonyms: 5th Battalion Black River Artillery – changed to 5th Battn NY Arty, Now, 3rd ? Battn 5th N.Y.V. Artillery

3. Place where organized: Sacketts Harbor

4. Name and Commandant of Post where formed: Capt. Stevenson

5. Name of Camp or Barracks where formed: Madison Barracks

6. Location and description of Camp or Barracks where formed:
[Give the name of the owner of the property, the uses to which previously applied, distance from some well known point in villages, &c.]
Located at Sacketts Harbor on a bay formed by the Black River at its entrance into Lake Ontario.
The Barrack an[d] of stone which with the officers quarters of the same material, form three sides of a parallelogram with the other side towards the bay. 30 yds x 20 yds.

7. Branch Camps or Stations established while organizing the Regiment, location and account of:

8. Aid received from Counties, Cities, Towns, or from Union Defense Committees, Associations Committees, local contributions, and gifts of Patrons, giving facts, and referring to authorities where further information can be obtained:
Bounties to volunteers were given by different individual[s] in several of the towns of Lewis Co. when the Battalion was raised. Bounties were also given by several town[s] in said county. Refer to Sidney Sylvester of Martinsburgh, James L. Leonard of Lowville, Peter Kirby of Watson, E.B. Holden of Turin, G.E. Woolworth of Denmark.

9. Recruiting, when began, July, 1862 When ended, August, 1862

10. Medical Inspection, name of surgeon: W.R. Trwobridge

11. Bounties paid to each man, by United States, $ 25 State of New York, $ 50
County of Lewis ,$ Town of Martinsburgh $50 ,Town of Lowville ,$ 50.00 , other sources, giving
names and amount of each:
Town of Denmark $50, Turin $50 Greig $50

12. Circumstances and incidents attending organization:
[Give an account of public meetings held; send copies of circulars, handbills, advertisements, and other printed matter relating to organization, enlistment of men, their outfit, maintenance until received into the United States Service, &c. Refer to other sources of information upon these subjects.]
Refer to files of Journal & Republican and Lewis County Banner, for the months of July, August, and September, 1862. Both Papers are published at Lowville, NY.

13. Presentation of Flags and Banners:

14. Testimonials to officers:

15. Departure from camp. Date, Sept 20th 1862 Strength of command, 568 officers & men

16. Departure from State. Date, Sept 22 ‘’ Strength of command, 568 ‘’ ‘’

17. Destination: Washington D.C.

18. Route, with dates and incidents or accidents, modes of conveyance, &c. :
On foot from Sacketts Harbor to Watertown Sept 20th thence by rail to New York City. Arrived at the latter ? on the 21st via Watertown & Rome R.R. New York Central R.R. & Hudson River R.R. thence on the 22nd Sept by Steamboat to Perth Amboy, N.J. Thence by the Amboy & Rasilan? R.R. to Philadelphia, thence by R.R. to Washington arriving at the latter place on the 23rd Sept at 11 o’clock P.M.
Marched 2 miles East of the Capital to Bladensburg Lull-gate on the 24th Sept & encamped. On the 4th Oct marched to Lent-Carroll O.C.

19. Date of arrival at destination: Sept 23 1863

20. Mustering into Service of the United States

Place Sacketts Harbor Name of Mustering-in-officer W.J. Edgerton
Rank of Mustering-in-officer, Captain Number mustered in
Dates of Mustering-in of Companies:
K, Sept 11th
L, ‘’ 12th
I, Sept 11th 1862
M, Sept 11th’

21. Inspection upon entering service:

22. Assignment Duty:
[Give the changes of Brigades, Divisions &c., with their number, and the dates of changes or transfers.]
Assigned to 3rd Brigade, Defences [sic] North of Potomac. S.O. No 18. Hdqrs Dep’s of Washington. Sept 27 1862.

Brigade, number of:

Names of Generals Commanding, with dates:
Relived and assigned to duty in 1st Arty Brigade Defences [sic] South of the Potomac. S.O. No 16, Hdqrs Dep’t of Washington May 29th 1863

Division number:

Names of Generals Commanding, with dates:
Brig. Gen C. A. Dr. Bussry ? ? at Arlington ? ? ? ? ?

23. Officers by Local or Provisional Appointment:

24. Detail of Officers:
[Include in this list the names of commissioned officers acting in position to which they do not ordinarily belong, as Colonels acting as Generals of Brigade or Division; Surgeons acting as Surgeon-in-Chief of Brigade, &c. Include also officers transferred to duties in other regiments, or upon detached service, with dates and circumstances.]

Names of Officers. Date of Detail or Assignment End of such duties Service to which detailed
1st Lt. L. F. Dewey Sept 27 1862   Adjutant of Battn
1st Sr G. T. Standsing Sept 27 1862 Jan 1st 1863 Quartermaster
2nd Lt L. A. Brown Feb 14th 1863   Quartermaster

25. Band, where formed, Fort Carroll, D.C. Number of persons 18

Where Mustered out:

Remarks Concerning: The musicians of the companies form the nucleus of this band. The instruments costing some $400 were purchased by voluntary subscriptions of the officers and men of the battalion.

26. Arms, kind, All Peic? Musket Calibre 69 Where received Fort Carroll
Date when received October 9th, 1862 From whom received E. N. Stebbins P.M. & M.S.K.
Change of arms, specialties, peculiarities, &c. :
About the 1st of May 1863 these arms were exchanged for Enfield Rifled musket Cal .577.

27. Uniforms first furnished: September 1st 1862

Where received: Madison Barracks, Sacketts Harbor, N.Y.

From whom received: Lieut F.B. Mosse? Q & Master

Quality: Generally good

By whom manufactured:

Description of peculiarities, designating badges, changes &c. :

28. Tents, kind first furnished: Shelter and Wall for officers

When received: Sept 22nd 1862 Where received: New York

By what authority furnished, and remarks: Q & Master Gen’l Arthur,

29. General Services of Regiment:
[Give these as fully as possible. In December, 1862, a circular was issued by the Governor, asking for an historical account of each regiment. An examination of the answers returned, has in some instances suggested additional points of inquiry, contained in an accompanying letter. Should the space afforded by this blank be insufficient, supplementary sheets of paper of the same size as this blank may be used.]

The Battalion garrisoned Forts Carroll – Greble and Snyder from the 4th of October 1862to the 30th of May 1863, Companies I & L were stationed at Fort Carroll – Company M at fort Greble, Company K at Fort Snyder, Headquarters of Battalion at Fort Carroll. Capt H.L. Smith by virtue of rank commanded until Nov 9th 1862 when he was relieved by Major G. F. Merriam.
On the 30th day of May the Battalion marched into Virginia across the Aqueduct Bridge to the Fort near the Red House now Fort C.F. Smith
Upon the arrival of the Battalion, a heavy fatigue detail was put to work upon the fort which was unfinished. The armament was shortly after put in. The Red House which stood in a ditch in front of the fort was demolished. During the last days of June the Battalion took arms at 3 A.M. and stood at the guns until day sending a heavy picket to the front which reduced a surprise next to impossible.

30. Marches:

31. Battles in which engaged:

32. Distinguished Merit

33. Casualties:
[Give a statement of those who were killed in battle, died of wounds received in battle, or by accident, died from sickness, were discharged for various causes, as physically disability, error of muster or order by civil authority, &c. Also those dismissed, specifying by order of President by sentence of Court Martial, &c., and those transferred or captured. Also those who deserted, and if known, specify whether to the enemy or homeward. List of names of each class of these would be preferable, but in addition to this a tabular statement accompanied by companies should be furnished.
In addition to the Regimental History embraced in this blank, it is the intention of this office to procure, on separate blanks the personal history of each person from this State engaged in the military service of the Government.]

  Field & Staff A B C D E F G H I K L M TOTAL
Killed in battle                            
Died of wounds received in battle                            
‘’ accidental wounds or injuries                            
‘’ sickness                   4 2 5 4 15
‘’ from causes unknown                            
Discharged on account of physical disability                   9 3 12 19 43
‘’ Order of Sec of War                       1   1
‘’ by order of civil authority                            
‘’ expiration of term                            
Dismissed by sentence of Court Martial                            
‘’ by order of War Department                            
‘’ ‘’ of President                   1       1
Resigned                   3 2   3 8
Mustered out                       1   1
Transferred out                            
Transferred to other commands                            
Taken prisoner                            
Deserted                   4 2 9 2 17
Unaccounted for                            
Remaining on the rolls, present                   120 112 92 119 447
‘’ ‘’ ‘’ absent in hospital                   4 2 2 2 10
‘’ ‘’ ‘’ absent on ?                   10 7 7 10 34

Name, company

Maurice H. Arthur, I
Renseller D. Gratenburg,, L
Nelson Cole, I
Benjamin Doxtate,r L
Monroe Hall, L
Robert M. Syle, M
John Lynch, I
Moses Safsel, M
Josiah Phinnie, ‘’
Daniel Roberts, L
John H. Stoskey, K
Walter S. Striekland, ‘’
Lewis Weed, M
John Peak, I

Guilford H. Bush, I
Jerome D. Brooks, ‘’
J.K. Bucklin, M
Norman Beadt, I
John H. Birks, ‘’
Horace N. Campbell, M
Sylvester H. Chapin, ‘’
John Dives, K
Joseph H. Datoush, M
Sylvester Day, L
Dewitt C. Finch, "
Elihu Glaziee, M
Gafre J. Gould (Order of Sec of War), L
Peter George, ‘’
Peter Horth, M
Porter Hall, L
Montgomery H. Hunt, M
Elisha B. Hall, ‘’
Hugh C. Jones, L
Charles Johnson, M
Albert Loffler L
Henry S. Jones, I
William Lani, L
Silas E. Loomis, K
Franklin B. Murphy, I
Henry Paskes, M
George W. Pasmetis, ‘’
Nelson F. Passino, ‘’
Lester D. Pitches, I
Milton Pitches, "
Lambert G. Poucher, K
Wm G. Price, M
Harrison Sischo, ‘
Samferd P. Stockwell, ‘’
Masten V. Stoddered, ‘’
Alfred Suits, ‘’
Gustavus Sturtz, L
John Sullivan, ‘’
Anson G. Stoddard ‘’
Baston E. Tiffr? ‘’
Chas N. Wallace I
Frances E. Welles M
James Williams ‘’
Wm D. Watson L

Haslo Archer, I
Amase J. Bromley (never joined Supposed to be physically incompetent), L
Warren G. Bent, M
Charles N. Dickinson, K
John Gordon, L
John Grinnell, ‘’
Edward Herbage, I
Joseph Hodges, L
Wm G. Jones, ‘’
John Manion, K
Mark O’Kefe, L
James Pashee, ‘’
Dennis Phelan, ‘’
David Reese, ‘’
Andrew J. Smith, I
Barneset Slowy, M
John Thrall, I

34. Recruits:

35. Sanitary History:

36. Plans, sketches, Photographic Views, or other Illustrations of Camps:

37. Whole Number on Muster Rolls at Quarterly intervals, as shown by Morning Reports of the following dates:


July 1, 1861     October 1, 1862 18 545
October 1, 1861     January 1, 1863 17 502
January 1, 1862     April 1, 1863 21 482
April 1, 1862     July 1, 1862 19 472
July 1, 1862