173rd New York Infantry Regiment's Civil War Newspaper Clippings

PRISONERS IN THE HANDS OF THE REBELS.—The following are the names of soldiers of the 173d Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers, who were taken prisoners at Brashear City at the same time with a large body of the Ironsides. They are all residents of Williamsburgh:
Co. A., E. Brock.
Co. B., Sergeant J. Ragan; Corporal J. P. Weaver; O. Muller, M. F. Ryan.
Co. C, D. McClure, J. Lee; J. McDonald, B. Miller, J. Hind, J. Kenney, Wm. Rahars.
Co. D., Serg't. S. Bitter, Corporal J. Losee.
Co. E., J. Wilson.
Co. F., W. Quackenbush, G. F. Buckbro, J. Frieal, J. Conklin,
Co. G., H. Donnegan.
Co. H., Serg't. T. Toy.

A Tribute of Praise.
It affords us much pleasure to publish the following copy of a letter addressed to the 173d New York Regiment, from its late commander.
It is a tribute of praise that must be extremely gratifying to the members of the regiment, their numerous friends, and citizens generally, for the 173d is a Brooklyn organization, and their honorable record reflects credit equally upon the regiment and the city in which it was raised:
July 18th, 1863.
Officers and Soldiers of the 173d N. Y. Regiment:
The fortunes of war have probably withdrawn you permanently from my command. I cannot without violence to my own feelings, refrain from expressing to you at this time my high appreciation of the gallantry and exalted military qualities you exhibited while I had the honor to command you. 
During the temporary inactivity to which my disability consigns me, I shall observe with the deepest interest the career of your regiment, not from any anxiety as to your future behavior, but from an earnest wish to see the regiment, with which my own interests have been so closely identified—enjoying new honors—in addition to those already so gallantly and laboriously won.
Whatever duties may henceforth devolve upon me in the progress of this war, whatever circumstances may surround me after its close, I shall always remember with pride, that I have commanded the 2nd Brigade.
Permit me to assure you, one and all, of my sincere desire for your future success and prosperity.
Very respectfully yours,

We are permitted to make use of the following extracts from a letter addressed by an officer of the Brooklyn regiment at Port Hudson, to his family in this city:
Near Port Hudson,17th June 1863
Last Sunday we had the second attack on the strongholds of our enemies, more severe than the first one. The 173d Regiment being in front, I received the order to advance with my men. As soon as we commenced our advance, a rain of balls came on us and caused a good many casualties, killing and wounding a large number of us. Many of our officers were sick, and only 3 captains remained to command, and we three were fortunately not hurt. Lieut. Schah was killed by my side, when advancing in double quick to the entrenchments. About the same time Serg. Nalte received a shot in the arm, and between them I was fortunate enough to escape.
Lieut. Heinrich Wills was detailed to command 60 men to fill entrenchments with cotton bags, for the purpose of marching over; while he performed this duty a ball entered his leg, which had to be amputated above the knee shortly afterwards. He was taken to the hospital in New Orleans.
Of my company there were 7 wounded. Wenzlik is in good health. Gass, Koch and Kehm of the 133d regiment have visited me to-day and are also well.
A third attack is expected in a few days, by which General Banks surely thinks to get the place. Capt. Cottshoe, one of the three captains above mentioned, was also killed alongside of me, and only we two captains remained from the whole regiment.

(BROOKLYN) REGIMENT, IN THE BATTLE AT PORT HUDSON.--Adjutant Wm. Folk, of the 4th Metropolitan (Brooklyn) Regiment and son of Inspector Folk, by a private letter to his father, which has just been received, gives a short account of the battle of Port Hudson on the 14th inst., with a list of the killed and wounded, which are as follows:
Co. K - Capt. Cochal, killed.
Co C - Lieut. Shay, killed; Lieut. Conway, right arm amputated above the elbow.
Co G - Lieut. Wills, leg amputated.
Co. F - Lieut. Rodgers, wounded in knee pan.
Co. C - Private Bennett, residing in Walworth st., John Stickover, killed.
Co. B - Orderly Elton, killed.
Co. A - James A. Robinson, died of fever.
The wounded were all sent to the New Orleans Hospital, where they have the best care.

THE KENNY MURDER CASE.--This morning Michael Kenney, indicted for the murder of John Ravensburg, on the 21st of May last, in a grocery store on the corner of Fulton and Albany avenues, was brought up for trial in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, before Judge Lott. The whole panel of 80 jurors were exhausted and only eleven jurors obtained. The case was therefore adjourned till to-morrow morning.

THE CELEBRATION OF THE 4TH OF JULY.—The arrangements for the celebration of the 4th in Brooklyn have been completed by the committee of the Common Council. Their expenditures are limited to $1,000, with which they propose to give two exhibitions of fireworks, one on Fort Green and the other the Union base ball grounds. The committee have engaged music to be in attendance at each place. Salutes will be fired in each District, and the bells of all the churches will be rung at sunrise and sunset.
Mr. Hatfield will furnish the fireworks for Williamsburgh.
In addition to the civic celebration the Long Island Historical Society, will have patriotic exercises at the Polytechnic Institute, including an ovation by G. T. Jenks, Esq.
The Young Mens’ Catholic Association, will celebrate the day at the Myrtle Avenue Park, when an oration will be delivered by Edwin James and addresses by Hon. Fernando Wood and others.

METROPOLITAN REGIMENT.—In a letter received yesterday by Inspector Folk, from his son, William H. Folk, who is adjutant of the Fourth Metropolitan Regiment, he gives the following list of the killed and wounded in that regiment during the recent battle at Port Hudson:
Lieut. A. Shay, Co. A, killed.
Capt. Cashew, Co. K, killed.
Lieut. Conway, Co. E, had his left arm amputated below the elbow.
Lieut. Willis, Co. G, leg amputated.
Lieut. Rogers, Co. F, wounded in the knee pan.
Private Henry Bennett, Co. F, killed.
Private J. Stickeveer, killed.
Orderly Sergt. T. Elton, killed.

Lieut Col. Wm. N. Green, Jr., elbow.
John Wilson, Co. D, side.
Color Sergeant George E. Kendrick, Co. K, head.
Wm Enbear, Co. B, head and shoulders.
Andrew Smith, Co. B, shoulder and arm.
Patrick McCue, Co. E, leg.
Corporal James Hofland, Co. B, neck and hand.
R. J. Lane, Co. H.
The Tribune says Colonel LEWIS M PECK, of the One Hundred and Seventy-third New York, has been dismissed the service by order of General Banks.

Another gallant soldier and gentleman has been taken to a better world. A. POWER GALLWEY came to the United States from Ireland about six years ago. He was a son of the late Andrew Gallwey, Esq., of Greenpark, and was related to t h e Powers' and other ancient families of the county Cork. He entered the banking house of his cousin, Mr. Gebhard, of the firm of Schuchard & Gebhard, soon after his arrival in New York, and continued to reside there until the present war broke out. His honest, jolly face, graceful manner and lively conversation will long be remembered by the habitues of the opera and those who were in society at that period. Gen. Meagher having selected him, together with the late Temple Emmet, as members of his staff, he was with the Irish Brigade until the close of General McClellan's campaign on the Peninsula. Last summer he was appointed by Governor Morgan, Major of the 173d Regiment, N. Y. S. V., and served with his regiment under Gen. Banks.—He was acting as Colonel of his regiment at the time of the attack on Port Hudson, and was shot through the right lung while leading his men in the charge on that place. His wound was not considered fatal, yet he only lingered till July the 8th, when he died. He was well educated, of a refined nature, with which was combined deep religions feeling, and by his kindness of heart and open frankness, had made many warm friends in this country. He was fond of open air exercise, field sports and feats of horsemanship, and was perfectly familiar with the use of the gun and the rod. Many in N. York will remember the songs he wrote and sung and the many stories, some merry, some pathetic, which he was accustomed to tell. The news of his death will produce a sad feeling in the hearts of all who ever knew him. Hay heaven support his widowed mother in another country in this irreparable loss of her darling son. W.

List of the Killed, Wounded and Missing in the Battles of Sabine Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill and Mansfield, La.
The following is an official list of the killed, wounded and missing in the 173d New York Volunteers (known as the 4th Metropolitan,) in the action at Sabine Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill and Marsfield, La., April 7th, 8th and 9th. There appears to have been 4 killed, 39 wounded and 156 missing, or taken prisoners. The men were all enlisted in Brooklyn.
Company F.—Sergeant Charles N. Mathews.
Company B.—Private Andrew Glenn.
Company E.—Private James H. Wagh.
Company K.—George Williams—Total 4.
Lieutenant-Colonel Wm. N. Green, Jr.
Company K—Col. Sergeant George H. Kendrick.
Company A—Corporal Edward Kennedy.
Company E—Corporal Edward Kent.
Company B—Privates Wm. Eubear, Andrew Smith; corporal James Holland; privates Richard Baulsir, Chas. Cailloueth, John Haggerty, John McCue, Andrew Smith.
Company C—Sergeant Patrick B. Dougherty; privates
Alexander Hendrickson, John Mosher, Baldsal Miller.
Company D—Privates John Flanigan, John Milo, John Read, Mathias Dahlem.
Company E—Joseph Fleming, George McLean, Patk. McCue, Henry Gosline, Michael Dougherty.
Company F—Corporal James Fitzpatrick, Corporal Walter Gregory, Wm. Comar, John W. Concklin.
Company G—Sergeant John Bopp, Sergeant Charles Myer, Jacob Halbrecht, John Baker.
Company H—Sergeant John H. Fields, John Diedrich, Charles C. Murray.
Company K—Sergeant Charles F. Snyder, Chas. Carroll,
John Collins. Total, 39.

Company G—First Lieut. Charles Nolton.
Company A—Captain Samuel P. Dill, 1st Sergt. Chas. Chambers, Sergeant James F. McGrain, Sergt. Rich'd B. Gildersleeve, Corp. Jno. C. Joosten, Corp. Al. G. Kent, Thomas Duane, John Hamer, James Cannon, Wm. Levy, John McDonald, Bernard McGeehan, Francis Rogers, Thomas Clark, John Haggerty, Timothy Harrington, Daniel Kane, Edward Lloyd, Michael McDonald, Peter Miller, Bengamin Southard.
Company B—Seargeant Luther Jourdan, corporal John Curtis, privates John Tucker, Louis Cooper, Wm, Ferguson, Brian Fannin, John Brady, Jos. D. Clark, James Fogarty, Lawrence Fitzgerald, Peter N. Raal, Wm. B. Southard.
Company C--Corporal Louis Kruger. Privates—George Culverwelle, Hugh Donnelly, Thomas Farrell, Xaver Hume, John Kauffman, Louis Soller, James Spence, Christian Wagner.
Company D--1st Sergt., James Losee, Corporal Timothy Quinn. Privates--Richard Alabaster, John Brown, Wm. Caffrey, Alonzo.W. Cole, Daniel Crowell, George H. Driscoll, Stonewall Jackson, Patrick Long, John H, Mc-Guire, Theopholis Moore, Andrew Murray, Thomas McDonald, John O'Brien, John H. Parsons, John Rossiter, John Slatterly.
Company F.—Privates, Frank Burns, Michael Whalen, Michael Norris, George Stagmire, William Hill, Timothy Griffin, Charles Foster, Charles Riley, Martin McConnell, Alfred Gosline, William Bennett.
Company F--Sergeant, W. D. Bennett. Corporals, Charles Harrington, James B. Flanders. Privates, Jeremiah Buckley, Bernard Cunningham, Edward A. Evans, James Gunn, Thomas Hayes, Charles Iserman, Wm. G. Loring or Laring, Philip Miller, Washington Paget, Francis Watkinson, Isaac Adams, Charles McQuillan.
Company G—Corporal George James; privates, Stephen Grander, Alvis Augenstenberger, Conrad Belger, Jas. Bergold, John Delfield, John Dorn, Jacob Harfmer, Fred. Hoffman, Peter Johnson, Richard McGuire, Philip Menes, Henry Miller, Jacob Rode, Victor Pazzi, Frederick Preiss, William Schmidt, Edward Schauder, Frederick Secundy, Peter Stekle, Peter Snikamp, Anton Straup, Alvis Stretz, Charles Strube, Peter Wolf, missing.
COMPANY H.—1st Sergeant Thomas F. Wright Corporal James Peck, Jr. Privates Francis Bloomer, Andrew Concklin, Frederick Castine, Chas W Daley, Thomas P. Finn, Thomas Hurley, Bernard Murphy, C. W. E. Newton, Thomas Peabody, Wm L Vaughn.
COMPANY L—Corporals Wm Blanchfield, Jacob Butler, Alanson A Sutton. Privates Wm Alderson, Wm Baker, Arthur Bergen, Thomas Cayne, Thomas Cook, Michael Dirken, George Hutchinson, Peter McCardle, Wm
Poole, John Robertson, James Thompson, Constant Vargagon, Thomas Wheelan, John H White.
Company K--Corporals John Kelly, Frederick Shirk, Daniel Gray. Privates Maurice Andrews, John Bowen, Isaac Deighton, Patrick Edward, Wm. Knaber, William Lynch, Wm. Lambert, Michael Murphy, Ludwig Strousson, Michael Winne, Samuel Atkins. Total 156.