68th New York Infantry Regiment's Civil War Newspaper Clippings

OFF TO THE WARS.—We see Martin, of the Silver Creek Mirror has gone on with the "bloody" 68th and left the Mirror in charge of his wife. We welcome her to the corps editorial, — Chant. Democrat.
The felicitations of our friend of the Democrat upon the accession of Mrs. Martin to the corps editorial will be sadly interfered with by the fact that Martin didn't go after all. We saw him with his "soger clothes" on, and know that his disposition was good, but a sturdier fellow who could do better execution on Uncle Sam's pork and hard tack volunteered in his place.

The second German rifle regiment (Cameron Rifles), Colonel E. J. Betge, has been accepted and ordered to be mustered into the service on the 8th of August next. The reverse at Bull Run has had the effect of increasing the number of enlistments among the Germans, and it is said this regiment has recruited nearly six hundred men during the past four days. The officers, who are experienced men, graduates of military academies, appeal to the public to assist in defraying for the present the heavy expenses of the regiment. The headquarters are at Nos. 46 and 48 East Houston street, and the camp at Conrad's Elm Park.

MORE VETERANS COMING.—The Sixty-eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers, numbering about two hundred and fifty men, left Buffalo at eight o'clock this morning, and are expected to reach here at 8:30 this evening. This regiment was recruited and organized in the city of New York. It is expected that they will remain in this city one day, and will probably leave for New York on Wednesday morning.

MORE RE-ENLISTED VETERANS.—Yesterday afternoon, about one hundred and sixty of the Sixty-eighth N. Y. Volunteers, on their way home to New York city, passed through here, under command of Lieut.-Col. Steinbauer. This regiment was known as the Steuben Rangers and left New York one thousand strong some two years ago. It is now reduced to two hundred and forty men. It has been at Knoxville lately.