45th New York Infantry Regiment's Civil War Newspaper Clippings

FIFTY-FIFTH REGIMENT.—This organization, which volunteered as a militia regiment, in the service of the General Government, for the war, has since been consolidated with the 38th N. Y. Volunteers. The field organization, therefore, becoming extinct, it is designed to reorganize the district and number in our city. It is proposed to have the regiment commanded by Colonel Legal, its old commander.

45th Regiment New York Volunteers. The following promotions have taken place in this regiment: First Sergeant Louis Shellenberger to be Second Lieutenant of company F. Sergeant Major Charles Berry to be Second Lieutenant of company C.

THE FORTY-FIFTH REGIMENT.—An election for field officers of the Forty-fifth regiment N.Y.S.M., occurred at the armory of Company C, yesterday afternoon. There was a large vote (the regiment being fully represented,) resulting in the choice of I. J. Gray for Colonel, Joel Willard for Lieutenant Colonel, and F. X. Myers for Major. Colonel Gray has been for a long time connected with the regiment, for several years holding the position of Major, and is an officer whose ambition it has ever been to bring the Forty-fifth to a prominent place among the militia regiments of the State. As Colonel, his labors to that end will be more effective, and the friends of the regiment may hope and expect. Lieutenant Colonel Willard, some time since chosen Captain of the Regimental Corps, is a gentleman whose attention to the interests of the regiment may be depended upon, and an officer who will ably second and assist in carrying out the earnest intentions of the Colonel for its advancement to the front rank. Of the ability and popularity of Major Myers, the condition of that splendid Company, the Seymour Artillery, of which he has long been Captain, speaks enough. Under these officers, among whom there are no jealousies and rivalries, and with whom all is harmony, the regiment will be brought to a perfection in point of numbers, efficiency, and spirit, which will make it once more the pride of Oneida county—the best militia regiment in the State, west of Albany. But the young men must take hold and fill up the Company ranks.—Large numbers of capable officers and brave men have been furnished the volunteer service from the ranks of the Forty-fifth, and now the first move to be made is one for replenishing these companies.—We cannot but think it will speedily be done. The new armory on Bleecker street is completed and will be ready for occupation in a week or two. A misunderstanding with the State authorities alone has prevented its use before now. In that roomy and convenient building perfection in drill will be attained. Surely, Regimental things have begun to move.

THE 45TH N. Y. V.—The Forty-Fifth Regiment, N. Y. V., will arrive in this city from the west at an early hour this forenoon. They will continue their journey eastward via the New York Central Railroad.

The Forty-fifth regiment United States Volunteers, otherwise called the Fifth regiment of German Rifles, received marching orders on Monday, and were preparing to start for Washington in all haste, when the order was countermanded. The regiment has been quartered at Landman's Park, on Third avenue, for the last three weeks, during which time Colonel Amberg has done all in his power to place his regiment in a high state of efficiency. They now number between six and seven hundred men, fully uniformed. They will receive their arms, &c., on reaching Washington, whither they will most likely be summoned towards the close of the present week.