Financial Report Of Henry Clement

Of Money Received For The Benefit Of 
Captain Roemer's Battery 
23 February 1866

Transcribed By Nathan Thompson


February 23rd 1866

Major J Roemer

Dear sir,

Agreeably to your request I herewith send you a statement of money received by one by Voluntary Inscriptions for the benefit of Captain Romin’s Battery.

Cash Disbursed for Recruiting and Subsistance [sic] of Soldiers & Families in 1861 and 1862 1 395.00
1864, February 12th Reception of Battery 62.00
1865, June 8th Reception Transportation and Subsistance [sic] 499.00
  1 956.00

Respectfully Yours
Signed Henry Clement

In addition to the above their was used by subscription Horse & equipment for  
Capt. Y. L. Robinson 300.00
Lieut. J. Roemer 240.00
160 suits for the men out of the Clothing that was bought to fit out the 15th Regt 
Each man received their from 1 Blanket 1 Cap 1 Jacket pair of Pants & Shirt at $20.00 per man
3 200.00
  $5 696.00

Morris Franklyn Esq.
President of the Soldiers Monument Comm.

Jacob Roemer ,?, Brev. Maj.
34th NY Indpt? V. V. Battery


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