Election Fliers for Offices

Election Fliers 
For Offices In The Soldier’s Lyceum
Transcribed By Brendan Murphy

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[Flier for President Corliss]

Aut Vincere, Aut Mori,
Ex Pede Herculem
We are Corpus sine Pecture,
Well, Well, there is a home in that camp, but I sympathize with them May they succeed

For President
S.P. Corliss

For Vice President
W.H. Broughton

For Secretary
Adrian Gillett


Beware of infection in low places.

Whereas an infected district exists in our midst, whose malaria is dangerous to the health of Lyceum-burg, waking up the ghosts of departed Pedagogues, causing people to write poetry, and moreover producing a collection of vermin;
The people of the burg are desired to witness, on Friday Evening, the
Grand Rat-Killing,
By the Young Giant of the West, and others,
Who will move upon the Rats from the Side Hill with the force of an avalanche.

Side Hill Ticket

S.P. Corliss

Vice President
Wm H. Broughton

Adrian Gillett

The ring of clay must be broken! The Swamp Rats must be trapped. 
“Honor to whom honor is due!!”
Hurrah for the Young Giants of the West!!

[Flier for Corliss]

Hie! away intruders
try to bask on the Side Hill!!
The Pen is mightier than the Sword!!!

S.P. Corliss

Vice President 
Wm A. Broughton

Adrian Gillett

Swamp Angels, to the Rescue!

Corruption in High Places must be Put Down!!

The “Young Giants of the West” too small a nibble for the Swamp Rats-Old Birds not caught write Chaff!

Their Giant is tall, and smart, withal-
There no one will dispute them;
But if he win, may we be hung
If the Swamp Rats don’t defeat ‘im.

Fellow Citizens of the Infected District, we present the following ticket for your support to-morrow (Friday) evening. The candidates are true and tried men, and will do honor to the positions in which we desire to place them.

For President,
Wm. H. Broughton.
For Vice President
Franklin J. Badger
For Secretary,
Wm. Hastings

Be in attendance and vote early! Beware of Split Tickets! Challenge all suspicious voters! Swamp Rats, sally out from your holes, shake off the dew and sacred muck from your robes, gird on your armor for the fight, and the victory is ours!
The Swamp Rats brave don’t stop for rain-
Take passage on the first tide
Come out your holes, move up in scores,
And then we’ll sweep the hill side!

[Freemen to the Rescue!]

Freemen to the Rescue!
By Jerusalem, the Union Must
and Shall Be Preserved!!

Swamp Ticket.
For Pres’t
Wm. H. Broughton.
For V. Pres’t
Franklin J. Badger.
For Sec’y
Wm. Hastings.

Beware of unhallowed combinations and sinful cliques. Preserve the purity of elections by electing the above enlightened and patriotic gentlemen to the highest offices within your gift!