7th Regiment NY Veteran Volunteer Infantry | Flank Markers | Civil War

Flag dimensions: 27 1/2" hoist X 27" fly.


Flag dimensions: 27 3/4" hoist X 29 3/4" fly.


The 7th Regiment NY Veteran Volunteer Infantry mustered into service between March and October 1864. This pair of blue silk flank markers have significant losses, most notably to the center and along the fly edge. Originally, both flags featured painted inscriptions, "N.Y.S.V.V." and "REGIMENT.," and a painted device in the center complete with the regiment's numeric designation. During the conservation treatment for the flag on the left, State Parks textile conservators discovered a small piece of detached blue silk with remnants of a large gold star (visible to the right of the flag). The piece is not original to the flag. Also, during treatment on the other flag, the conservators discovered two small strips of black silk mourning crepe (visible along the flag's hoist edge).

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