Company I, 34th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry | Company Color | Civil War

Obverse Overall

Flag dimensions: 53 1/2" hoist X 60 1/4" fly.


Reverse Detail

The blue, silk company color carried by Company I, 34th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry includes a stylized Arms of the State of New York painted to the obverse complete with the company commander's name, Captain Wm. H. King. The reverse includes painted battle honors commemorating the company's service from October 1861 (Edward's Ferry, Maryland) to September 1862 (Antietam, Maryland) and a portrait of Revolutionary War hero Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben. Company I organized in Steuben County (Hammondsport), so named in von Steuben's honor. The New York City firm of Hojer & Graham painted the flag and placed their mark just below the Arms.

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