30th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry | National Color | Civil War

Flag dimensions: 71 1/2" hoist X 79" fly.


The New York State Battle Flag Collection includes one flag carried by the 30th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry – the wool, 34 star, national color seen here. In August 1862 at Second Bull Run, Virginia, ten different color bearers reportedly fell dead, and shot and shell pierced the national color and shattered its staff. In June 1863, when the regiment returned home, Governor Horatio Seymour greeted the men at the State Capitol. Accompanied by Colonel Searing, the Governor proudly displayed the regiment’s national color and proclaimed, “It [the flag] will be deposited among the treasured war trophies of the State-there to remain as a monument to the patriotism, endurance, and heroism of the Thirtieth regiment.”

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