117th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry | Guidons | Civil War

Flag dimensions: 28" hoist X 36 1/2" fly.


Flag dimensions: 27 1/4" hoist X 40 1/2" fly.


The NYS Battle Flag Collection includes two silk swallowtail guidons carried by the 117th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry. Each guidon conforms to the “stars and stripes” pattern prescribed in General Order No. 4, dated January 18, 1862. Both guidons also include 34 bronze colored, painted stars in the canton in the typical concentric circle pattern. The regiment deposited the guidons in the Flag Collection in July 1865. One of the two guidons received a netting treatment in 1973. Not a recommended treatment by today’s standards, the netting obscures construction details, creates a stiffer hand, a false sense of fabric stability, and stress holes in the delicate silk.

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