The research center currently is searching for volunteers to help with vitally important projects. As a volunteer, you are not only helping with crucial projects, but you can do so at your convenience: you can either work here at the museum or from your home. We have two different types of duties available from research to data entry.

This way, you can live anywhere in the country and still help contribute to historical projects.

The projects we are working on currently are:

1 - Oral History transcription. Participants in this program can preform all of their work at home transcribing veteran oral histories. How this works: contact the museum and express an interest in the program. We will email you a set of instructions, a sample of what the finished product should look like and a catalog record of a veteran. We will also send you a link on which you will find a link to the oral history on YouTube. You simply record exactly what is said, and by whom, in the interview into a Microsoft Word document (or similar -- we cannot use PDFs). Once you are done you email the finished Word document to the Museum. 

2 - Indexing lists of names, including men who served in the New York Guard during World War Two.

3 - Letter / Diary transcription.

If you are interested please send an email to

Any support you can give is greatly needed and appreciated!