169th New York Infantry Regiment's Civil War Newspaper Clippings

Transcribed And Donated By Steven M. Wiezbicki

Note from the Transcriber / Donor

Please find attached [see link below] ... the updated file of the transcribed newspaper articles about the 169th N. Y. S. V. Infantry Regiment, from Troy, N. Y. The updates include identification of the name of the newspapers that published the articles and the dates of the articles. Approximately two years were spent reviewing the microfilmed newspaper archives at the New York State Library by three researchers I hired for this purpose.

I am researching and writing three books about the 169th, including:

  • Soldiers from Troy - A History of the 169th N.Y.S.V. Infantry Regiment during the War of the Rebellion
  • Dress the Colors! Don't leave the Colors!! - A Biography of Brevet Brigadier-General John McConihe of the 169th New York Volunteers
  • (No title yet) A biography of Brevet Brigadier-General Alonzo Alden of the 169th New York Volunteers

Since beginning my research of the 169th in 2000, I have transcribed thousands of pages of newspaper articles, memoirs, correspondence and official records into MS Word, and have compiled a digital library of 4,000 highly-pertinent images.

The books will be self-published to CD-ROM and will contain several thousands of pages with numerous illustrations. They will be offered to the public for a nominal fee to cover the cost of shipping.

If the Museum receives any inquiries about the 169th N. Y. V., I would be happy to provide requestors with detailed answers culled from my extensive files on the regiment. I do this all the time, and send out information packets to descendants of soldiers and other individuals containing many pages of information.

Yours truly,
Steve Wiezbicki


Download the clippings here.