Wayne County, New York in the Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

On the 19th of April, 1861, Hon. (now) Col. Joseph W. Corning, returned to his home in Palmyra, after having represented the 2d Assembly District of Wayne county, during the session of the Legislature of 1861.

On the morning of the 20th of April, the Stars and Stripes were thrown from the law office of Mr. Corning, and on the 23d, the minimum number then required, 38 men, were enrolled. On that day a copy of the roll was forwarded to the Adjutant-General for organization, but on the same day the Military Board issued an order, requiring the maximum number, 77, before organization. From this fact some of the original men were lost, as they would not delay, and went to Rochester or other places and enlisted in companies already organized, A public meeting of citizens of Palmyra was called, and a fund of $7,000 pledged for the support of the families of volunteers. On the 3d day of May, 1861, the company was organized, 79 men strong, and officered as follows :
Captain—Joseph W. Corning.
First Lieutenant—Josiah J. White.
Second Lieutenant—Henry J. Draime.

By the delay of the inspector, the company waited six days for inspection; then a week more before quarters could be procured at, Elmira. May 16th, the company left Palmyra 82 strong, amid an enthusiasm scarcely ever equaled in a country village. They were escorted to the railroad by the entire populace, and left amid mingled cheers and tears.

On the 21st of May the company was assigned as company B, Thirty-third Regiment, New York State Volunteers.

The regiment remained at Elmira until July 8th, 1861, when it left for Washington, and on the day of the first battle of Bull Run was stationed at Camp Granger, north of Washington.

The company was very materially advanced by the efforts of Colonel Corning. During the two years that company was in service, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, and each of the Lieutenants became Captains, successively. Captain White lost his health and was forced to abandon the service, but Captain Draime and Colonel Corning remained in service until the end of the war, coming home at different times and each taking part and materially assisting in raising and filling four regiments.

There was no effort in any other part of Wayne till some time after the company was raised at Palmyra, but during the same season a company was raised in the eastern part of the county, with headquarters at Lyons, which subsequently became a part of the Twenty-seventh Regiment New York volunteers.

Index to Newspaper Articles from Wayne County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

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Cylde Times

City: Clyde
County: Wayne
Frequency: Semiweekly


1861:04:20 Mr. P. Mark De Zeng, of this place, started for Albany to secure a commission, rumored to be organizing a company of cavalry.
1861:04:20 We understand a recruiting office is to be opened next Monday [4/22] here.
1861:04:20 Nice little cannon made up for Capt. Joseph Welling of Lyons Light Guard.
1861:04:20 Recruiting office opened in Weedsport at office of Mr. Davis.
1861:04:24 Forming a military company.
1861:04:24 The Rose company ranks almost full.
1861:04:27 War meeting [Desc.].
1861:04:27 Meeting tonight at Huron Town Hall, to raise a volunteer company.
1861:04:27 P. Mark De Zeng will open an office at Clyde Hotel to enroll a company of flying artillery.
1861:05:01 Capt. Joseph Welling appointed inspector of all volunteer companies for Wayne Co.
1861:05:01 Union meeting in Lyons.
1861:05:01 Members of the Rose Volunteers going to Rochester to enlist, not being able to form a full company.
1861:05:04 DeZeng has 30-40 enrolled.
1861:05:04 Lyons Company started for Elmira.
1861:05:04 D.D. Buck, of Lyons, has offered to serve as Chaplain in Quinby’s Regiment.
1861:05:08 [Notice].  Volunteers to meet at Perkins Hall on Friday eve., 10th – Capt. De Zeng.
1861:05:08 Capt. Corning of Palmyra Volunteers passed inspection last Friday [   ].
1861:05:08 Departure of Capt. [Alex D.] Adams’ Company of Lyons [Desc.]; first Wayne County company in the field
1861:05:08 Waterloo sent off a company of 86 Thursday afternoon.
1861:05:08 Seneca Falls has sent 250 men already.
1861:05:08 Meeting to aid vols., 5/11.
1861:05:11 [Notice]. Meeting of De Zeng’s Company [4/10].
1861:05:15 Volunteer fund started.
1861:05:15 Capt. De Zeng writes that his company will be accepted.
1861:05:15 The Wayne Sentinel (Palmyra) of Thursday [5/  ] reports that Capt. Joseph W.
1861:05:15 Another company organizing in Lyons; A.S. Wood.
1861:05:15 David A. Jones, of Clyde, has enlisted in 1st Michigan [Inf.].
1861:05:15 The company of volunteers at LeRoy has disbanded; the state did not accept them.
1861:05:15 Lyons has organized a Home Guard; Col. William H. Adams.
1861:06:05 De Zeng’s Company to join Col. "Curtis'" New York City regiment.
1861:06:12 [Letter], fr. "C.C.E.", Lyons Vols., Barracks no. 5, Elmira [N.Y.], 6/5/61.
1861:06:12 [Letter], fr. "Mac", [19th N.Y. (Inf.)], Washington, D.C. 6/8/61.
1861:06:12 [Letter], fr. "D.A.J.," Camp Wilcox, Alexandria, Va., 6/6/61.
1861:06:15 Visit to Elmira Barracks.
1861:06:15 [Letter], fr. "B.", Lyons Vols., Barracks no. 5, Elmira [N.Y.], 6/10/61.
1861:06:15 [Corres.].  "From the Briggs Guards."
1861:06:19 [Letter].  Fr. [Cpl.] A.[din] Forncrook [67th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. D], Camp Plymouth [N.Y.], 6/19/61.
1861:06:19 [Letter], fr. “Mac”, [19th N.Y. (Inf.)], Kolorama Heights, Washington, D.C. 6/15/61.
1861:06:19 [Letter].  Fr. [1st Lt.] William H. West, Briggs Guard [67th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. D], Camp Plymouth [N.Y.], 6/16/61.


Wayne Democratic Press

City: Palmyra
County: Wayne
Frequency: Weekly


1861:04:24 [Ed.].  Wayne County ought to form a regiment.
1861:04:24 Flag raising last Saturday [4/20] at Court House.
1861:05:01 Union meeting at Lyons.
1861:05:08 We learn that Capt. [Alex] Adams' Company could not be received in Quimby's regiment [13th N.Y. Inf.].
1861:05:08 Union meeting at the Phalanx House [Alton, N.Y.], 4/29.
1861:05:08 Citizens of Lyons and the Light Guards, Capt. Welling, have donated articles to Adams' Company [27th N.Y. Inf., Co. B].
1861:05:08 Gen. [John E.] Wool ordered back to Troy.
1861:05:08 [Letter], from Maj. Gen. John E. Wool, dated 5/1/62, from New York, N.Y.
1861:05:08 Departure of Capt. [Alexander D.] Adams' company of volunteers [27th New York Infantry, Company B].
1861:05:08 The [Lyons] Republican will be represented by John D. McVicar [Cpl., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. B].
1861:05:08 Rev. D. D. Buck, pastor of the Methodist Church, is willing to be Chaplain of the 13th N.Y. [Inf.].
1861:05:08 Boths sons [George M. and William C.] of Mr. and Mrs W. L. Becker, have enlisted with Capt. [Alex] Adams [27th N.Y. Infantry, Co. B].
1861:05:08 Capt. [Joseph W.] Corning's company [33rd N.Y. Infantry, Co. B] of Palmyra volunteers passed inspection last Friday [5/3].
1861:05:08 The flag pole at the Court House broken by the wind.
1861:05:22 Arcadia volunteers [Roster].
1861:05:22 Capt. Alex D. Adams declined votes for Col. [of 27th N.Y. Inf.] in election.
1861:05:22 Lyons volunteer fund [List fo subscribers].
1861:05:22 Dr. D.[ewitt] Van Slyck [Surg., 35th N.Y. Inf.], has passed his boards for Army surgeon.
1861:06:05 [Ed.]. Those uniforms.
1861:06:12 30 or 40 ladies of the village are at work making flannel shirts for volunteers.
1861:06:12 Sgt. [Melvin W.?] Goodrich [27th N.Y. Inf.] in town on a visit.
1861:06:12 [Letter], from "E.A." [Edward Allee, Pvt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. B], from Barracks No. 5, Elmira [N.Y.], 6/8/61.
1861:06:12 Departure of Clyde Volunteers.
1861:06:19 Trouble among the volunteers.
1861:06:19 "A bit of a row among the military."
1861:06:19 Departure of Clyde Volunteers.
1861:06:19 Daniel D. Buck appointed Chaplain of the 27th New York Infantry.
1861:06:26 Chaplain D. [aniel] D. Buck, 26th [27th] New York Infantry, called yesterday (from Rochester Democrat).
1861:06:26 [Letter], from "E. A." [Edward Allee, Pvt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. B], from Barracks No. 4, Elmira [N.Y.], 6/10/61.
1861:06:26 [Corres.], from [ ] Stowell, of the Seneca Falls reveille.
1861:06:26 Cavalry regiment.  W. T. Mundy, of Newark, enrolled 40 men for the Lincoln Cavalry [1st N.Y. Cav.].
1861:10:30 Military rendevous at Lyons [pt. 2].  In the regiment, nearly half of the companies formed already.
1861:10:30 Military rendevous at Lyons [pt. 1].  In the regiment, nearly half of the companies formed already.
1861:10:30 Ladies of Lock Berlin are furnishing necessary articles [List].
1861:10:30 Recruiting for Wayne County Regiment [98th N.Y. Inf.].
1861:12:18 [Letter], from "E." [Edward Allee, Pvt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. B]?, dated Camp Franklin, Va., 12/18/61.
1861:12:18 [Roster] of Capt. William Kreutzer's company [98th N.Y. Inf., Co. F].
1861:12:18 [Ed.].  Lots of deserters hanging around.
1861:12:18 Another death in Co. [B?].  Alfred Kessler? [Keesler] , about 22, resided in Wolcott; remains to Clyde.
???? Home Guard enrollment began.



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