Schenectady City and County, New York in the Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

Three days after the call of President Lincoln of the 15th of April, 1861, for 75,000 troops, a notice appeared in the duaily papers of this city for a meeting of citizens to take measures for organizing a military company, and the meeting was called for the following evening. This notice was signed by William Seward Gridley. In pursuance of this notice a meeting was held on the evening of the 19th, when forty-seven men signed their names to an application to be organized into a company of volunteers. This application was on the next day presented to the Adjutant General, from whom the proper orders were obtained, and on the same day a company was duly organized, and officers elected as follows: Captain—William Seward Gridley; first lieutenant—Daniel Daley; ensign—E. W. Groot. The following day they reported at Albany for duty. On the 11th of May the Eighteenth regiment N. Y. V. was organized under the command of the lamented Colonel William A. Jackson, late of this city, when this company, until then called the "Seward Zouaves," was assigned to that regiment as company "A," with 74 men besides the officers 60 of whom were from Schenectady.

This company were at the first battle of Bull Run. They were distinguished in that as in several other engagements, for acts of gallantry. They served out their two years, and returned with great reduction of numbers. Captain Gridley had been promoted to a Majority, a deserved compliment.

A few days later, and about the first of May, another company was organized in this city. They reported and were mustered into service at Albany, on the 17th of May. This company was first commanded by Capt. Stephen Truax, First Lieutenant, William Horsfall, Ensign, John Vedder. This company mustered 86 men, 78 of whom stood inspection, and the company left Albany with the last mentioned number. They were also attached to the Eighteenth regiment as company E, and became a part of the grand army of the Potomac, and after the full term of two years service, serving, in most of the battles of that army, returned with a loss of but two men. Ill health compel led the resignation of Captain Truax, after a few months of service, and Lieutenant William Horsfall was promoted to the command. He was a brave and noble officer. He led his men with distinguished gallantry in the various battles in the campaigns of that army. He was killed in the battle of South Mountain at the head of his company, while cheering them forward, and in obedience to an order to take one of ten rebel batteries. This battery was taken by his company. He fell, when within a few feet of the battery, after witnessing the success of his brave act. A third company was also organized in this city, beginning about the 26th of April, 1861. In this place they mustered in about 40 privates. They were then ordered to Albany, where they continued to recruit until they increased their numbers to 84 men. This company was officered by Captain B. M. Van Voast, First Lieutenant, Mans V. V. Smith, Second-Lieutenant, E. B. Van Voast, and were attached to the Thirtieth regiment, under the command of Colonel Frisby, of Albany, as company C.

These three companies were all organized in this city, within about thirty days from the first proclamation of President Lincoln, after the attack on Sumter, and prior to the Bull Run battle; though large numbers of persons from this county attached themselves to other different organizations, corps, batteries, marine and navy service.


The following tables are taken from Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: Week, Parsons & Co., 1867.
Thank you to Paul Stambach for transcribing this information.

ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys paid out for Bounties, etc., and for what purposes paid in the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
Paid for town bounties.   Paid for fees and expenses. Paid interest on loans. Paid principal of loans. Paid support of families.   State bonds on hand. Cash on hand. Discount on bonds. Reimbursed to tax pay'rs.  Total Paid.  Principal of loans out-standing.
Duanesburgh* - - - - - - - - - - - -
Glenville $98,639.70 $5,353.01 $7,438.54 $18,500.00 - # $10,600.00     - - $140,531.25 $43,100.00
Niskayuna $19,700.00 - $509.62 $14,500.00 -     $647.09 - - $35,356.71 $1,500.00
Princetown $35,315.00 $2,893.08 $2,032.84 $19,500.00 -     $177.05 $49.38 - $59,997.35 $17,500.00
Rotterdam $80,962.00 $1,211.78 $4,715.59 $71,815.00 - ! 34.50   $661.99 $410.00 - $159,810.88 $10,000.00
  $234,616.70 $9,457.87 $14,726.59 $124,315.00 - $10,634.52   $1,486.13 $459.38 - $395,696.19 $72,100.00
County of Schnec. $112,850.00 - $5,739.16 $2,000.00 - - - - - - $120,589.16 $24,000.00
TOTAL $347,466.70 $9,457.87 $20,465.75 $126,315.00 - $10,634.52 - $1,486.13 $459.38 - $516,285.35 $93,100.00

*No report received.    #Paid State tax.    !Not accounted for by former supervisor.


ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys received for Bounties, etc., and from what sources in the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
  1862. 1863. 1864. 1865. 1862. 1863. 1864. 1865. In cash. State bonds. Interest on bonds.  
Glenville $77.50 $1,222.40 $45,274.79     $9,500.00 $30,000.00 $22,100.00 $3,800.00 $28,000.00     $140,531.25
Niskayuna     $8,342.96 $363.75     $8,000.00 $8,000.00 $7,400.00     # $556.56 $35,356.71
Princetown   $2,313.50 $4,852.00 $5,730.00 $2,100.00 $3,400.00 $18,900.00 $12,600.00 $4,900.00 $5,000.00 $201.85 ! 3,250.00 $59,997.35
Rotterdam   $6,975.88 $24,620.00 $21,600.00 $6,315.00   $51,000.00 $24,500.00 $4,800.00 $20,000.00     $159,810.83
  $77.50 $10,511.78 $83,089.75 $27,693.75 $8,415.00 $12,900.00 $107,900.00 $67,200.00 $20,900.00 $53,000.00 $201.85 $3,806.56 $395,693.19
Co.of Schenectady   $3,150.00 $87,619.17 $3,820.00 $26,000.00               $120,589.16
TOTAL $77.50 $13,661.78 $170,708.92 $31,513.75 $34,415.00 $12,900.00 $107,900.00 $67,200.00 $20,900.00 $53,000.00 $201.85 $3,806.56 $516,285.35

*No report received     #premium on loans    !From private sources


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Indexed by David Moore.

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Daily Evening Times

City: Schenectady
County: Schenectady
Frequency: Daily


1861:04:17 Troy Citizen's Corps "expunging" the name of Maj. Deas, formerly of Troy -- now Adj. Gen. of CSA.
1861:04:17 A company of light infantry being organized by William Seward Gridley.
1861:04:18 '"Where is Dorp?"' reply from Capt. Charles Roth, of German City Guards.  Of the 35,000 ordered from this state, he can furnish the 35, but for the 000 he can't be responsible.
1861:04:19 At a meeting of the Schenectady City Artillery, it was decided services to be tendered to the Gov.  Capt. Bryson cmd.
1861:04:19 [Notice].  Recr. Ad for Gridley's company.
1861:04:19 [Adv.].  Recr. Ad for army and navy uniforms at Kemp & Fuller's.
1861:04:22 Capt. Barent Van Voast has his papers from the Adjutant and is enrolling recruits rapidly.  He is at the regimental armory at Anthony Hall, or, to Capt. Robert Bryson.
1861:04:22 Capt. [William S.] Gridley's company goes at 3 PM tomorrow.
1861:04:24 Cohoes [Union] Artillery a "fine" company.  Capt. R. Gugerty and Lt. Keating command 60 men.
1861:04:24 Capt. [Barent M.] Van Vorst [Voast] has 39 men.
1861:04:24 Continental Zouaves, Capt. Stephen A. Truax, has mustered again.
1861:04:25 Troy lawyers forming a company.
1861:04:25 Capt. Gridley's company at the Industrial School bldg., near the Penitentiary -- they will probably be drafted in[to] Townsend's Regt.
1861:04:26 Watervliet Arsenal, Maj. Mordecai cmd.  Gas lines have been put in for night shifts.
1861:04:26 Capt. Gridley's company in quarters at the Industrial School Building.  The are no. 4 in Townsend's Regt.
1861:04:27 3,000 troops in Albany; at the Industrial School Building, Ferguson's and Adams House full.  The Amsterdam company is at City Hall; Utica companies at Burt's, 797 Broadway.
1861:04:27 Ensign E.W. Groot detailed to open a recruiting office in Schenectady.
1861:04:27 Van Voarst's [Voast's] company ordered to Albany.
1861:05:03 Military company forming in Ballston.
1861:05:04 Schenectady Citizen’s Corps, Capt. Truax, numbers 80 men.
1861:05:06 [Meeting?] at Old Scotch Presbyterian Church on Wednesday [5/ ] at Chapel and Canal.
1861:05:07 The Union College Zouaves, under Capt. Elias Peissner are drilling.  Members pledge to enter “actual” service in case of emergency.
1861:05:10 Sacandaga Volunteers formed; lumbermen.
1861:05:14 [Letter].  "English," of Seward Volunteer Zouaves, fr. Albany Barracks.  Going to be in the 18th N.Y. [Inf.]; Truax's company, too.  Colonel is William A. Jackson, of Schenectady.
1861:05:18 Townsend’s [3rd N.Y. Inf.] and Carr’s [2nd N.Y. Inf.] regiments to leave on steamer “Alida”.
1861:05:20 18th N.Y. [Inf.] sworn in. [Roster], Capt. Truax's Company, includes E. Nott Schermerhorn, Ordly. Sgt.
1861:05:21 [Corres.]. Fr. "A.B.C.," Albany Burgesses Corps, 25th Regiment [N.Y.S.M.], Washington, D.C. (fr. Albany Times & Courier).  Dinner with James M. Swain, of Albany Statesman and Ned Forest, of Schenectady, both of 25th Regiment.  Desc. Of food.
1861:05:24 Capt. B.M. Van Voast visited this paper this AM.  His company is at Camp Rathbone, between Troy and Lansingburgh; ordered there yesterday.


Evening Star

City: Schenectady
County: Schenectady
Frequency: Daily


1861:04:15 Allen H. Jackson appointed Board of Supervisors’ Clerk.
1861:04:16 A rifle company is being formed in this city under supervision of William S. Gridley.
1861:04:16 26th Regiment N.Y.S.M. held a meeting at the regimental armory; Capt. Robert Bryson cmd. Co. R.
1861:04:17 The Continentals meet this eve. to consider responding to the call of Gov. Morgan and the President.  They name themselves the Washington Continentals.
1861:04:18 [Notice]. Fr. William S. Gridley.  Meeting at T. Cleary’s Saloon.
1861:04:18 The German [City] Guards were out.
1861:04:18 The Continentals decided to fill up ranks, and will meet again tomorrow eve.
1861:04:19 Meeting of the Schenectady City Artillery, cmd. by Capt. [Robert] Bryson; to tender services to the Gov.  Over 50 on roll.
1861:04:20 [Notice].  For 26th N.Y. (S.M.).  Cos. L & B at Johnstown; D at Amsterdam; Co. R; Co. A -- Capt. Roth of Schenectady.
1861:04:20 [Notice], fr. Capt. [Barent M.] Van Vorst [Voast].  Recruiting.
1861:04:20 25,000 stands of arms arrived in Albany from Springfield Armory.
1861:04:20 Capts. Reagles' and Horsfall's company of Zouaves.  "A young Zouave … armed and equipped as the law directs … created some sensation in the streets this morning.  His costume was exceedingly … becoming."
1861:04:20 25th [N.Y.S.M.] leaving.
1861:04:24 A company of vols. is being org. by Allan A. [Allen H.] Jackson, A. Barclay Mitchell, and George C. Seeley, to be called the Union Volunteers of Schenectady; rendevous is a No. 4 Van Horne Hall.  Company will probably join Duncan McMartin's regiment.
1861:04:24 Truax's and Horsfall's companies and Schenectady Citizen[s] Corps are organizing at the Post Office in the room lately occupied by the [Washington] Continentals.
1861:04:24 The German City Guards were out; 35 men.  "Germans drill well."
1861:04:26 Maj. Young, who [26th N.Y.S.M.?] "is highly spoken of" is in town looking for recruits.
1861:04:26 Truax's company is up to 47 men.
1861:04:26 Truax's company now has 64 men.
1861:04:27 Capt. B.M. Van Voast's company is gone.  Capt. Bryson sent them off, with a salute, "free of charge," compliments of John W. Veeder, Esq.  About 50 men; they got in under old regulations.  Will be back to recruit.
1861:04:27 Capt. [Barent M.] Van Voast was presented a Revolutionary sword by G.L. Oothout, Esq.  Another 20 people presented him with a revolver.
1861:04:27 Gloversville Light Artillery and Johnstown infantry actively filling up their ranks.  They are drilling every day.
1861:04:27 Recruits wanted for the Seward Volunteer Zouaves, now quartered at the Albany Barracks.  Ensign E.W. Groot detailed to open recruiting office at Van Horne Hall.
1861:04:30 The Albany Burgesses Corps left to join the 25th N.Y. [S.M.] in Washington, including two Schenectadians: George C. Seeley ("graduated from the Florida war"), and Edwin Forrest.
1861:05:01 Mr. John Walker has obtained a Remington six-shooter for presentation to Capt. Of Citizens Corps.
1861:05:01 Mr. Peissner states that the honor of getting up a company of volunteers in Union College solely belongs to the students.
1861:05:01 Company F, Michael McQuade, Jr., of Utica, passed through; 54 muscular looking fellows.
1861:05:01 James Leggett, of Stillwater enlisted in Capt. Bliven’s Company of volunteers formed at Saratoga.
1861:05:01 [Letter].  Fr. [   ] Van Voast, brother of E[dward] Van Voast, dated Albany, 5/1.
1861:05:01 Schenectady Citizens Corps has 87 men; expects to leave city soon.
1861:05:01 [Notice].  Companies must have full 77 men by May 9th, or consolidate.
1861:05:03 Schenectady Citizens Corps gone; 80-90 men.
1861:05:03 Dr. J.L. Van Ingen mentioned as good surgeon.
1861:05:04 A. Barclay Mitchell has opened a recruiting station over the post office for William H. Young  (formerly of Schenectady), Insp. Gen. William Jackson, of the Governor’s staff, and Capt. Frank Wheaton, 1st U.S. Cav.
1861:05:07 At the Armory [Watervliet Arsenal?], they are making 60,000 ball cartridges per day and 80,000 bullets.  Also [producing] saddle, artillery and other harness.
1861:05:07 Union College military company, “Union College Zouaves”; Capt. Prof. Elias Peissner.
1861:05:07 Mr. Frederick Vedder handed over $173 to Capt. [Stephen] Truax as citizens’ contributions.
1861:05:07 Maj. Mordecai of the [Watervliet] Arsenal has resigned and went to North Carolina.
1861:05:13 Uniforms arrived at Albany; given to Townsend’s and James McQuade’s regts.
1861:05:15 The 18th N.Y. [Inf.] provisionally organized.  [List] of field and line officers.
1861:05:17 Maj. Thornton arrived at Watervliet to take over.
1861:05:17 A company from Whitehall in camp near Troy disbanded yesterday.
1861:05:20 Louis Shutter, member of Capt. Gridley’s Company, presented by Ira Shafer, a splendid silver revolver.
1861:05:20 3rd Regiment of Vols. [3rd N.Y. Inf.] left Albany for Ft. Schuyler.  The 2nd [N.Y. Inf.] left Sat. [5/18] for New York.
1861:05:21 A new regiment is organizing in Albany, commanded by Col. Edward Frisby of Albany, etc.  Van Voast’s Company will go in this.
1861:05:23 The Schenectady Times of yesterday announced that Col. [Simon H.] Mix is in Washington trying to command a regiment of “wounded” riflemen.  Jabbing at his political loss.
1861:05:23 No truth in rumor that Col. Frisby’s regiment will encamp near this city.  It probably will go to Bull’s Head, between Albany and Troy.
1861:05:24 Col. Jackson’s regiment is in uniforms at the Industrial School Barracks.
1861:05:25 Lt. John Volkert elected Captain of German City Guards.  Capt. [Charles?] Roth has resigned.
1861:05:28 Capt. George Grechenek, formerly of this city, commanding a company in Sickles’ Brigade [Co. A, 72nd N.Y. Inf.].


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