Delaware County, New York In The Civil War

Civil War Newspapers
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Index to Newspaper Articles from Delaware County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

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Bloomville Mirror

City: Bloomville
County: Delware
Frequency: Weekly


1861:04:23 [Letter] fr. "Pod", dated 4/20/61, Delhi, N.Y.  Co. R, Delaware Rifles meet for drill today.
1861:04:23 [Letter] fr. "Pod", dated 4/20/61, Delhi, N.Y.  [Cont'd].
1861:08:06 [Letter], from Jack Fryer [Cpl., 25th N.Y. (S.M.). Co. A], dated HQ, 25th N.Y. Albany Regt., Arlington, Va., 7/18/61.
1861:09:03 [Letter] from "C. H. T." [Sgt. Charles H. Thurber?], Co. F, 5th N.Y. Inf., dated Camp Federal Hill, Baltimore, Md., 8/24/61.
1861:11:05 [Letter], from "R.", dated Camp Rolla, Phelps County, Mo., 8/16/61.
1861:11:05 [Letter], from "W. B. S." [Sgt. William B. Shafer, Co. I?], dated camp, opposite Shipping Point, on the Potomac [Md.], 10/25/61.
1861:11:05 [Corres.], from Capt. Fitch's Bty. [8th Ind. N.Y. Bty. (L. Art.)].
1861:11:12 [Notice]. Recruits for 3rd Excelsior Regiment [72nd N.Y. Inf.] apply to James Cormack, Jr., Delhi.
1861:11:12 [Notice]. A few more recruits wanted to fill up England's Company of Delaware Riflemen, now with Dickinson Guards at Elmira.
1861:11:12 Delaware Rifle Rangers met at Delhi on the 13th to be mustered in and uniformed.
1862:01:07 [Letter], from "A soldier," dated Camp King, Va., 12/25/61.
1862:01:07 [Death notice], for Thomas Robinson, Co. I, 3rd Excelsior [72nd N.Y. Inf.], in Camp Wool Hosp., on the Potomac.
1862:01:07 [Death notice], for David Batchellor, Co. E, Van Allen's Cavalry [3rd N.Y. Cav.], at Poolesville, Md., 12/8/61.
1862:03:18 [Letter], from William Finlay, Co. D, 91st N.Y. [Inf.], dated Key West, Fla., 2/17/62.
1862:04:01 [Letter], from "A. L.", Co. A, 76th N.Y. [Inf.], dated Camp Fort DeRussy, Washington, D.C., 3/17/62
1862:04:08 [Letter], from "William C. F.", Co. B, 4th N.Y. [H. Art.], dated Fort Greble, Washington, D.C., 3/17/62
1862:04:15 [Muster roll], for Co. E, 3rd N.Y. Cav., Capt. Samuel W. Sprague.
1862:04:15 [Letter], from J. B. Topp [Todd], [Sgt.] 101st N.Y. [Inf., Co. G], from Camp Cameron, Kalorama Heights [Washington, D.C.].
1862:04:15 [Muster roll], for Co. G, 101st N.Y. [Inf.].
1862:04:22 [Letter], from T. C. Bookhout, 3rd Excelsior, Capt. Johnson's Company [72nd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], dated camp Wood, Md., 4/3/62.
1862:04:22 [Letter], from "W. B. S." [Sgt. William B. Shafer, Co. I?], dated on board the Elm City, on York River [Va.], 4/11/62.


Delaware Gazette

City: Delhi
County: Delware
Frequency: Weekly


1861:04:24 [Notice].  Volunteers wanted to place the Rifle Company of the 27th Regiment [N.Y.S.M.] upon a war footing … apply to Lts. S. Rice, J.D. Sandford [J.P. Sanford?], and N.A. Pack, Delhi.
1861:05:01 Capt. John McGregor [MacGregor], son of Malcolm McGregor, Esq., formerly of this village, has raised a company in New York City; Mexican War vet.
1861:05:01 Union meeting in Cannonsville this Saturday (fr. Deposit Democrat)
1861:05:01 Two companies in this vicinity are not full: Capt. [Robert?] Johnson, of the Artillery and Capt. [A.?] Buc[k]ham, of the Rifles; calling for vols.
1861:05:01 R.F. Loveridge, editor of the Troy news, a Democratic paper, who had his office mobbed and driven from the city, fled to Toronto, Canada.
1861:05:01 [Notice].  [Copy of a handbill].  “The Union Forever!”
1861:06:05 Departure of volunteer company, Capt. R[obert].T. Johnson, for form part of Sickles' Brigade
1861:10:16 [Notice]x.  "Delaware Battery." [8th N.Y. Ind. Bty. (L. Art.)].
1861:10:23 Delaware Rifles [89th N.Y. Inf. Co. I] held elections at Elmira last Saturday.
1861:11:06 [Letter]x, from "Company K," dated HQ, Dickinson Guards [89th N.Y. Inf. Co. K], Elmira [N.Y.], 10/ /61.
1861:11:20 1st Regiment Union Brigade [101st N.Y. Inf.] is encamped at Hancock, and is filling up reasonably rapidly and will be ready to march by January 1.
1862:01:08 [List] of deaths in Capt. Johnson's Company [72nd N.Y. Inf. Co. I].
1862:01:08 The honorable Daniel S. Dickinson has presented a costly stand of colors to the "Dickinson Guards," 89th N.Y. Vols.
1862:04:02 [Letter]x, from "R. P. C.," Col. Fairchild's Regiment [1st Lt. Robert P. Cormack, 89th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], dated Roanoke Island, N.C., 3/16/62.
1861:12:?? Two deaths [noted] from private letters in Capt. Johnson's Company [72nd N.Y. Inf. Co. I]: Peter Byce, of Hamden, and Levi Sands, of Hancock.
1861:12:?? The camp at Unadilla has proved a failure, owing to a variety of circumstances, and the men are going to Cherry Valley.


Franklin Visitor

City: Franklin
County: Delware
Frequency: Weekly


1861:05:01 Capt. J.H. Robinson's Company of infantry will meet today at Croton and tomorrow to perfect organization and fill up vacancies.
1861:05:01 Col. Chase, of Unadilla was in town with orders for different regiments to report number of men.
1861:05:01 Delaware Rifles, Capt. Beckham [A. Buckham?], desire recruits.
1861:05:01 Capt. R.[obert?] T. Johnson, Meredith Artillery, needs 25 more men.
1861:05:01 Patriotic meeting held at Allison Hall, Hancock;
1861:05:01 [Notice].  Vols. wanted to place a rifle company of 27th upon a war footing.
1861:05:01 [Notice].  Vols. wanted by Capt. F.A. Rolles, of Unadilla, for 43rd [N.Y.S.M.], Co. A.
1861:05:08 [Corres.].
1861:05:08 [Order].  HQ, 5th Division, N.Y.S.M.  G.O. #4, fr. MG S.S. Burnside, at Oneonta.
1861:05:08 John McCanley, Supt. Of Erie R.R. operations at Cascade Bridge, appt. Captain of Susquehanna Vols.
1861:05:08 Amsterdam, Montgomery County, has raised two companies within a week and $5,000 for their families.
1861:05:08 Union meeting held at Delhi, 5/1/61.
1861:05:08 [Letter, pt. 1].  HQ, 5th Division, N.Y.S.M., fr. MG S.S. Burnside, 5/4/61.
1861:05:08 [Letter, pt. 2].  Fr. MG S.S. Burnside.
1861:05:08 Windham Journal says Zaddock Pratt is back from Cuba and intends making the 20th [N.Y.S.M.] 'an object of his special care.'
1861:08:07 [Letter] from Henry C. Ford [Cpl., 72nd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I].
1861:08:14 Delaware County Cavalry Horsemen, Attention!
1861:09:04 [Letter] from Henry C. Ford [Cpl., 72nd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], from Camp Caldwell, 8/16/61.
1861:09:04 [Letter], from W.H. Brainerd [Brainard, Pvt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. D], fr. Camp Vernon, near Ft. Ellsworth, Va., dated 8/24/61.
1861:09:04 [Letter], from E.[ri] S. Watson [Cpl., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. C], Camp Anderson, Washington [D.C.], dated 8/10/61.
1861:09:04 Army Relief Association formed.
1861:09:04 [Letter, from A.D. Buell [Unit unknown; Dexter of 27th N.Y.?], d. Alexandria [Va.], 8/20/61.