Cayuga County, New York In The Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

Cayuga made prompt response to the call of the President, which followed the assault on Fort Sumter. Within one week from that call, four companies were raised at Auburn, and five more—two at Auburn and three in other towns of the county— were being raised. It is a noticeable fact, and it is due to the "Uniformed Militia'" of New York to state, that of these nine companies six were raised and commanded by officers of the Forty-ninth Regiment, New York State Militia.

The companies of Captains T. J. Kennedy and J. T. Baker, were organized at Auburn on the 24th of April, and those of Captain Owen Gavigan and Captain Theo. H. Schenck, on the 25th. The four went forward to Elmira on the 26th. Captain Solomon Giles company was organized at Weedsport, May 4th; Captain J. H. Ammon's and Captain C. H. Stewart's at Auburn, May 6th ; Captain N. T. Stevens' at Moravia, May 7th ; Captain J. R. Angels' at Union Springs, May 10th, and all were forwarded to Elmira as fast, as organized. To these, nine companies from Cayuga was added one raised in Seneca county, and commanded by Capt. J. E. Ashcroft, and the ten constituted the Nineteenth Regiment, New York Volunteers, which was mustered into the service of the United States, May 22d.

The regiment left Elmira for Washington June 5th, remained in Camp of Instruction at Kalorama one month, and then went to the front at Martinsburg, Virginia.

In this regiment Cayuga county furnished six hundred and thirty-seven (637) of her young men toward the 75,000 called for by the president.

" The above is a very brief statement of actual results during three months. What was then done was but a beginning, a foretaste of the grand tribute of zeal and devotion, of men and of means, given by Cayuga county during the four years of war."

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