The Communities of New York and the Civil War: Orleans County

Artillery: 8 three companies
Infantry: 151G

BARRE (4,258)
Artillery: 14BE, 17th Independent Battery
Cavalry: 22F
Mounted Rifles: 2L

CARLTON (2,447)
Cavalry: 8F
Infantry: 154A
Mounted Rifles: 2EL

GAINES (2,542)
Mounted Rifles: 2L

Infantry: 105C

KENDALL (1,920)
Artillery: 12th Independent Battery
Cavalry: 8F
Mounted Rifles: 2L

Artillery: 17th and 25th Independent Batteries
Cavalry: 3F
Infantry: 28E, 90I, 151A

RIDGEWAY (4,706)
Artillery: 14B, 17th and 25th Independent Battery
Infantry: 90I, 164B

SHELBY (3,326)
Artillery: 17th, and 25th Independent Batteries
Infantry: 90I


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