8th Regiment Infantry New York Volunteers Spanish-American War


The 8th Infantry Regiment was one of twelve New York State National Guard infantry regiments that were federalized for service in the Spanish-American War. The 8th Regiment began its service as an artillery battalion within the New York State artillery brigade dating back to 1786. In 1807 the battalion was strengthened by the addition of more troops and turned into a regiment. In 1847 the regimental designation was changed to the 8th New York Infantry. Prior to the civil war the regiment was called out by the state on a laundry list of occasions, performing service during the flour riots of 1826, the stonecutter’s riot of 1835, the great fire in New York City in 1845, the Astor Place riot of 1849, the police riot of 1857, the dead rabbit riot of 1857, and the quarantine/Sepoy riots of 1858. The regiment’s service as peacekeepers continued with the draft riots, the Orange riot, and the railroad riots of the 1860’s and 1870’s among others. During the Civil War the 8th Regiment participated in the fighting at the first Battle of Bull Run, the siege of Yorktown, and the Battle of Gettysburg. The regiment was reorganized into a twelve-company format and mustered into service for the Spanish-American War on May 3rd, 1898. All of the companies were organized in New York City.

The regiment was mustered in at Camp Townsend, NY and ordered to depart on May 23rd, 1898 after almost three weeks of drill and instruction. The 8th Regiment proceeded by train to Camp George H. Thomas at Chickamauga Park, TN arriving on the 25th. While in Tennessee the regiment was assigned to the Third Brigade, of the First Division, of the Third Army Corp. The regiment remained in camp during June and July, receiving 337 new recruits during its stay. The 8th regiment left Camp Thomas on September 5th, 1898 and returned to New York. It was mustered out on November 3rd, 1898 never having fired a shot.

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