7th Battery New York Volunteer Artillery Spanish-American War


The following is taken fromNew York in the Spanish-American War 1898: Part of the Report of the Adjutant General of the State for 1900. Vols. 1-3. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1900.

In accordance with the second call for troops of the President, and the instructions received from the secretary of war, this battery was, July 15, 1898, ordered to be recruited in the city of Rochester.

Recruiting commenced July 19th, and the battery was organized at the state armory, Rochester, where it was mustered into the United States service, July 27, 1898.

The battery left Rochester on the day of its muster-in at 9.15 p. m., via the Lehigh Valley railroad, and arrived at Camp Black, July 28th, at 11.20 a. m.

September 2d, the battery left camp at 7 a. m., on a practice march; arrived at Far Rockaway at
2 p. m.

September 3d, it left Far Rockaway at 5 a. m., on its return to Camp Black, where it arrived at
11.30. a. m.

September 15th, the battery left Camp Black at; I p. m., en-route for Rochester, where it arrived September 16th. at 7.20 a. m., under orders granting leaves of absence to the officers and. furloughs to the enlisted men for thirty days, after which it was to be mustered out, which event took place, November 30, 1898.

Commissioned Officers.
Captain: Lansford F. Sherry, July 15, to November 30, 1898.
First Lieutenant: Charles H. Beach, July 30, to November 30, 1898.
Second Lieutenant: Amos J. Bush, July 15, to November 30, 1898.