203rd Regiment Infantry New York Volunteers Spanish-American War


Under the provisions of general orders, No. 8, A. G. O., June 27, 1898, two battalions of this regiment were organized at the armory of the forty-first separate company, national guard, at Syracuse, and one battalion at the armory of the twenty-second regiment, national guard, New York city.
Recruiting commenced about July 10th. and preference was given to members of the national guard.
Members of separate companies of the national guard of the state formed the nucleus of the companies as follows: The forty-first separate company of company A; the fourth of company B; the forty-sixth of company C; the tenth of company D; the thirty-ninth of company E; the seventeenth of company F; the twenty-eighth of company G; the fortieth of company H; the twenty-third of company I, and the sixteenth of company K.
The companies were mustered in: A, July 15th; B, C, E and G, July 19th; I and K, July 20th; D and F, July 21st; L, July 22d; H, July 23d, and M, July 21th.
As soon after muster-in as practicable, the companies were sent to and the whole regiment assembled at Camp Black, Long Island.
The regiment left Camp Black, September 11th, and arrived at Camp Meade, near Middletown, Pa., via the Pennsylvania and Reading railroads the next morning.
October 2d, the camp of the regiment was moved from Camp Meade to Conewago, Pa..
November 11th, the regiment left camp, and embarked for Greenville, S. C, in three sections; the first, Lieutenant-Colonel Sanger and companies A, I, M, E; the second, Major Goodier and companies C, D, H, G, and the third, Major McClintock and companies B, F, K, L.
The route was via Harrisburg, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.; Washington, D. C.; Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Danville, Va. arriving at Greenville early Sunday morning, November 13th.
Near this place the regiment established its camp, named " Camp Wetherill," and remained there, performing the usual military duties until mustered out, March 25, 1899.


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