14th Regiment Infantry New York Volunteers Spanish-American War


The 14th Infantry Regiment was one of twelve New York State National Guard infantry regiments that were federalized for service in the Spanish-American War. The 14th Regiment entered service in 1847 and underwent very little change in structure until the Civil War. In 1861, the men of the regiment enlisted for a three-year tour of duty and fought in some of the largest battles in the east including Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, and the Wilderness among many others. Many of the men reenlisted in 1864 and were transferred to the 5th New York Regiment. The 14th Regiment also served in the quarantine riots on Fire Island of 1892, and the motorman’s strike in Brooklyn of 1895. The regiment was fully mustered into federal service on May 16th, 1898 and officially designated the “14th Regiment Infantry, New York Vols.”

The 14th Regiment was mustered in at Camp Hempstead, NY and departed for Camp George H. Thomas in Chickamauga Park, TN the next day. The troops arrived at their new camp on May 20th and were immediately assigned to the First brigade, of the First Division, of the Third Army Corp. The regiment remained in camp undergoing extensive drilling to offset the boredom of camp life until September 3rd, 1898 when the unit was moved to Camp Shipp at Anniston, AL. The 14th Regiment received orders on September 5th, to return to New York to be mustered out. The unit returned to New York on September 16th and was mustered out October 27th, 1898.

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