Diary Of Sergeant James Little

Contributed By Terry Schliewe
James Little's Great Great Granddaughter

James Little was born in Glasgow, Scotland on April 10, 1838. He was the second of ten children born to John and Elizabeth Little, seven of whom would survive to adulthood. James' father had immigrated from Scotland to the United States, with his family in tow, sometime after James was born. They came to join relatives in New York in 1843, settling in Franklinville where John became the postmaster. James' boyhood days were spent in Olean, N.Y. and Franklinville but he left the area at the age of 16 to seek his fortune. In 1854 he went west to Minnesota and in 1857 took a pre-emption in Olmstead County. 
When the Civil War broke out he returned to New York and enlisted in the Sixth New York Cavalry. James first position in the regiment was as an Orderly Sergeant. This job was explained by his future brother-in-law in a letter to his sister: The Orderly has to call all rolls, form the company into line when they go out on a drill or duty, make out a report to the Surgeon of the sick and take those able [to walk] to the Surgeon's tent, detail and mount guard every morning, make a monthly report to Headquarters, make requisitions for rations, and a thousand and one other things, besides he has to be present at drills, dress parades, and etc. His place is on the right of the company in the rear rank - the Captain occupying the front rank - the other Sergeants are in the rear of the company on a line with the Lieutenants. ...the pay of an Orderly sergeant is $20 per month. 1. 
Sergeant Little served with the Sixth New York throughout the war and took part in most of the 143 battles and skirmishes of the regiment. Although he had three horses shot out from under him, he managed to escape with only one serious injury. That happened when his horse was wounded, he was thrown from the saddle while his foot was caught in the stirrup and he was dragged a ways. Sergeant Little kept a diary during the last year of the war, in the winter of 1865 he wrote, Weather very cold. Had to sleep alone and liked to froze ...Not any wood where with to build a fire. Snowed and was pretty cold. Had a very pleasant sleigh ride with our worthy friend, Stiles. Went down through town several time, fast horse, of course, making a mile in (?) if not less. Later he wrote, Commenced raining about 10 AM and rained all day. Ground very wet. Wind north, making it uncomfortable on account of smoke. The wind coming down the stove pipe in puffs. ... Beyond all question the coldest night of the year, at least the water froze harder. Or rather the ice in our tent was thicker this AM than any previous morning this winter. And in April that year he reported, Heard Old Abe was assassinated yesterday evening while leaving Ford Theater, also Secretary Stanton. ...Dark - Old Abe is dead. All exhibited sorrow at so great a calamity. All quiet throughout the lines. 
After the war Little returned to Minnesota and in 1867 he married Mary Oaks. He was employed as a grain buyer at Lake City where he and Mary lived for five years. In 1878 they moved to Canby MN and settled on their old homestead in Hammer Township. There they farmed the land and raised six children. James died in 1912 and his wife in 1927.

Sun 1-1-1865
Weather very cold. Was at Winchester, VA. Nothing particularly going on that indicated the day a Holiday more than any other day of the year. A funeral, a boy of Mrs. Anderson’s, died last night. Wrote a few letters. Gust MCCLURE came from home. Arrived last night. Folks all well. The New Year appears with very brilliant prospects from a military point of view and correspondingly gloomy for the Confederacy. Another year of such war must tend to discourage the Confederacy.

Mon 1-2-1865
Weather very cold. Had to sleep alone and liked to froze. Don’t like this sleeping alone, particularly such cold weather. Believe a few such night as last night would make a man think seriously of a bedfellow. I believe that it would be a great incentive to look upon the feminine with a view to matrimony. Suppose they are excellent bed warmers but somewhat expensive. Had no wood, consequently no fire in our tent. A good excuse to call on the Misses GRIM.

Tue 1-3-1865
Weather still cold. Slept alone last night. But from having made up the bed (the first time for a week) did not get so cold as I did last night. Not any wood where with to build a fire. Well, I guess will run into Mrs. GRIM and bask in the smiles of her lovely daughters. Troops moving to go into winter quarters. They ought to have waited until spring. All quiet through the lines.

Wed 1-4-1865
Not so cold this a.m. Went down to Stevenson’s Station. Snowed and was pretty cold while coming back. Nothing new, all quiet. Had a very pleasant sleigh ride with our worthy friend STILES. Went down through town several times, fast horse, of course, making a mile in “sometime” if not less.

Thu 1-5-1865
Quite pleasant today. Thawed so as to take off the sleighing. Got a box containing nuts, candy, butter, can fruit and tobacco from Mins (?) Bob. All quiet, nothing stirring or exciting.

Fri 1-6-1865
Quite moderate today. Commenced thawing quite early. Commenced raining about 10 a.m. and rained all day, sometimes raining very hard. Stopped raining about 8 p.m. Ground very wet. Wind north making it uncomfortable on account of smoke. The wind coming down the stove pipe in puffs. It drove me out, a good excuse to call on our neighbor Mrs. GRIMS. Abandoned the tent about dark and transferred myself to Mrs. GRIMS. Received a letter from Yours Truly.

Sat 1-7-1865
Damp cool but no rain. Commenced snowing about 10 am. Heavy snowstorm with high wind. Wind from the west. Very changeable weather. Snowed and blowed till about dark, then commenced freezing. Think it the coldest night that had been this winter. Still have to sleep alone. Will have to procure a cat or something that would have a tendency to depart warmth. Was in and had a very loud talk with Mrs. ANDERSON. She can’t see anything, only through the medium of Confederate eyes.

Sun 1-8-1865
Very cold and clear. Beyond all question the coldest night of the year, at least the water froze harder. Or rather, the ice in our tent was thicker this a.m. than any previous morning this winter. Got to be quite pleasant toward noon. Went out to Division Headquarters. Was over to CAMPBELL SULLER’S tent. Saw Bob and had quite a pleasant time. Got back at 4 p.m. In evening, wrote a letter to Yours Truly. All quiet. They say that MOSBY is dead hence so much quiet.

Mon 1-9-1865
Warm and pleasant this a.m. Almost spring weather. Got a letter from BABE, all well at home. Nothing transpired that is worthy of note.

Tue 1-10-1865
Everything covered with sleet. Trees all hanging with icicles. Very slippery under foot. Think it would be very very difficult traveling under even a half a head of steam. Even difficult with a steady ‘tap’. Received a letter from Washington in regard to Mrs. FREE’S money. Think it lost. Wrote a line to T. M. and Mrs. F in regard to the matter. 10:30 p.m. Warm with a very high wind from the southwest.

Wed 1-11-1865
Weather cool but quite pleasant. Thawed a very little. Mr. COOMBS started for Washington. Was downtown in the evening and got the first paper. News in the papers very meager. All quiet.

Thu 1-12-1865
Weather very beautiful. Bob was down from the front. Received a canteen of the “Cratur” from GODDARD. All quiet. MULDOON WILSON and the others from our regiment came up from the brig.

Fri 1-13-1865
Weather fine. Was down to Stevenson Station. Got back about 3 pm. BILLY WING got back from home this evening, and stayed all night with us. Also had MULDOON WILSON and two others that cam up from the brig to be mustered. All quiet.

Sat 1-14-1865
Quite cold. MULDOON and those fellows were mustered and returned to Lovettsville. Went down to the station with them. Quite cold. Chilly outing. No news, all quiet.

Sun 1-15-1865
Clear and cold. Got to be quite pleasant as the day advanced. Had turkey for dinner, good at least. Bob came in today. In the evening wrote a letter to – Yours Truly. Was in to our neighbors, Mrs. GRIM and sat in the sunshine of her beautiful daughters for a few hours. No news, all quiet.

Mon 1-16-1865
Clear and cold but grew pleasant as the day advanced. Nothing new in the papers. All quiet, 9 p.m. Clouded up and looks like a storm.

Tue 1-17-1865
Very pleasant. Bob and Stiles became slightly inebriated. Heard of the capture by our army and navy of Fort Fisher and surroundings. D.D. PARKER on the part of navy and GENERAL PERRY on part of land for us. News quiet encouraging. MAJOR TALLMAN and COOMBS arrived in town.

Wed 1-18-1865
Very pleasant. Received a letter from JOHN LITTLE and one from EM. News of yesterday confirmed. Good! Wrote a letter to EM. Bob goes home today. Everything is lovely and the goose hangs high.

Thu 1-19-1865
Cold and clear. Was quite busy making out vouchers. In the evening was over to MRS. RYDER'S at an oyster supper. Suppose I should say we had a very pleasant time. Were all strangers to me, and no one to introduce me so we passed the time by saying “nothing” and looking very wisely. Really enjoyment. Snowed a little towards 9 p.m. beat a French retreat, I said “nothing to nobody” and left the party.

Fri 1-20-1865
Cool and clear. Beautiful day. 8 p.m. bands discoursing their best strains. All is lovely and the goose is high.

Sat 1-21-1865
Sleet and hail quite icy. Sleet fell most all day. Got to be two or three inches deep. Received an ambrotype of Yours Truly. All quiet throughout the lines.

Sun 1-22-1865
Cool and damp. Wrote to SL, SLK and home. All quiet. Running around with sleighs.

Mon 1-23-1865
Very damp and very much like a thaw. Rained quite hard. Fellows running around with sleighs. Did a little work, not enough to hurt me. All quiet. No news.

Tue 1-24-1865
Quite frosty. Froze very hard. Sleighing good in the park in town. Did a little work today. Wind from the west and very high and cold. Received a letter from the S.A. Society and answered it. All quiet, no news.

Wed 1-25-1865
Very cold. Froze very hard. Clear with bright sunshine. Cold all day. Nothing new in Military circles. General impression is that the Confederacy is nearly played out. Good sleighing. Yankees improving the time. Seems to be no lack of ladies to make the sleigh rides agreeable. All quiet.

Thu 1-26-1865
Very cold day. Had not much wood and had to go into our neighbors. Was over to our boarding house until 9 p.m. Then came over to MRS GRIMS where we had some oysters. Very cold.

Fri 1-27-1865
Coldest night of the season. Cold enough for Saturday, 50 degrees. Labored not very much. Drew cuts with BARD to see which was the laziest of the two. Drew the longest straw. BARD the laziest. Not the laziest man that ever was but the laziest man I ever saw. Nothing new. All quiet. The Army of the Shenandoah.

Sat 1-28-1865
Awful cold, equal to our northern climate. Sleighing still good. Incurred the eternal displeasure of MISS JULIA SYDER for calling her pet cat a Thomas cat. The cat is really a historic one for we made her the subject of a few verses in which we sing his virtues and prowess to the tune of the “Old Oaken Bucket”. Twas really a rich joke. Sorry to think that when one says “Thomas Cat” it is improper and shocks the ears of the delicate females modesty, how becoming.

Sun 1-29-1865
Weather not frosty but still cold. Rather dull business keeping a diary these very dull times but suppose it is necessary to say something so I will remark that we arose from our couch not with the sun but at nine o’clock. “Early to bed and early to rise is bad for our health and gives us red eyes.” Wind high at 9 pm and from the west. Have had very high winds for a number of days. All quiet.

Mon 1-30-1865
Cold, clear and pleasant. Thawed so that the snow melted considerably. Went over in the evening to MRS SYDER’S. Bob came to see me. Bob quiet salubrious. Nothing new, all quiet.

Tue 1-31-1865
Quite warm and pleasant. Thawed all day. SGT WILSON was up from Lovettsville for the purpose of getting mustered. Was reading one of MISS GRIM’S books – the Initials – quiet interesting. All quiet in the valley.

Wed 2-1-1865
Very fine morning. Pleasant all day. In evening was over to MRS SYDER’S then came over to the saddling tent. Boys all on a high. Got very “salubrious” myself, had lots of milk punch. Was a grand preview of the Cavalry of the Valley. All quiet.

Thu 2-2-1865
Very pleasant but some colder than it was yesterday. Hair pulled come this a.m. Does not pay to get drunk. Nothing pleasant in the beginning, nothing pleasant in the middle, and all that were ever drunk will testify that there is nothing particularly pleasant or agreeable in the ending of a drunk. All quiet as usual.

Fri 2-3-1865
Warm and pleasant until 3 pm when it commenced snowing, finally got into a sleet. Very icy at 9 pm. Was over to MRS. GRIM’S. Old fink beat me at dominoes. Also Miss G beat me a few games. About 8 pm went over to MRS LANGLY’S.

Sat 2-4-1865
Warm and moist. Very pleasant all day. Water ran or rather snow melted as to make the water in all the water courses & gutters of considerable depth. Air is full of important rumors of peace. Hope that it may not all amount to idle rumor and go off into effervescence. 9 pm wind very high from the west. All quiet.

Sun 2-5-1865
Very windy blew very hard all night and quiet cold. Wind high all day. Thawed a very little. Nothing new. Wrote a letter to Yours Truly. All quiet.

Mon 2-6-1865
Very pleasant, thawed some. Very warm for winter. Rumors of peace have all vanished into thin air. All quiet.

Tue 2-7-1865
Snowed all day. Very severe snowstorm. Snow about a foot deep. All quiet. No news.

Wed 2-8-1865
Cold and clear. Sun came out and was quiet pleasant. Sleighs in great demand and above par. Some queer looking turnouts there is among these institutions, can hardly be classed as common “kings”. A dry goods box or clothesbasket or crockery crate are (with runners on them) first class, “gay”. Received a letter from MRS C A F. Answered it. All quiet.

Thu 2-9-1865
Very cold day. Moved over to second division. Awful cold. All quiet.

Fri 2-10-1865
Very cold. One of the coldest nights this winter if not the coldest one. Very well located at these headquarters. Serenaded by the band daily or rather twice a day. All quiet.

Sat 2-11-1865
Quite pleasant, thawed a little. All quiet. Peace bubble has burst leaving it more quiet than usual, only the calm that precedes the impending storm.

Sun 2-12-1865
Very stormy and blustering. Very cold. Went down to town. STILES got back last evening. Very disagreeable riding for more comfortable sitting by the fire. All quiet.

Mon 2-13-1865
Clear and very cold, clear all day. Thawed a little in places exposed to the sun. Officers of the Staff on a bender this evening. Somewhat hilarious, quite noisy. The General being absent accounts for the milk in the coconut or whiskey in the canteen. All quiet, no news.

Tue 2-14-1865
Very cold and frosty. Got to be quite pleasant. Went down to town in the afternoon. All quiet, no papers.

Wed 2-15-1865
Weather some warmer. A snow squall in the morning which, towards noon dwindled into an icy sleet. Afternoon foggy and damp. Had a severe attack of toothache, a decayed molar. Used it very roughly. Suppose it all necessary to keep us in mind of our mortality. If any heavenly visions could be seen by us poor mortals, the toothache hath power to dispel them and bring us back to the realities. All quiet.

Thu 2-16-1865
Quite pleasant, thawed considerably. Sufficient to us up the sleighing. Was downtown this pm. Heard no news. Did not call at MRS LANGLEY’S or MRS GRIM’S. Got back about 3 o’clock. Heard that the gallant hunter takes unto himself a beautiful bunch of female loveliness in the person of MISS WYNDALL. More properly speaking, MR HUNTER this evening will take unto himself a wife. Splendid match. JAY GOTHAM’S this same hunter. Hurrah for the Union.

Fri 2-17-1865
Warm and thawing. Quite pleasant until about 2 pm when it commenced to rain. Rain turned into snow. Snow heavy and wet as rain. Nothing special in the papers. All quiet.

Sat 2-18-1865
Snowed about 6 inches last night. Snow is very soft. Thawed pretty much all day. Was down to town. Nothing new. All quiet.

Sun 2-19-1865
Quite pleasant. Thawed pretty near all day, roads quiet sloppy. Report that a hundred or two of this division were captured yesterday while out on a scout towards Snickers Gap. From what I see and from reports, there are a good many of the Reb’s deserting. Was down to town. Came back about half after eight. Freezing a little. All quiet.

Mon 2-20-1865
Very clear and pleasant, quite warm. Some drunken Staff Officer burst in the door of our room after we had gone to bed. CAPTAIN CRAWFORD is his name. If any private had been half as drunk he would have tied to a tree for at least four hours. He raised ned generally. Staff are enjoying themselves exceedingly in the absence of the General. When he gets back the order of things will be changed so that we can report all quiet.

Tue 2-21-1865
Very pleasant and clear. Thawed all day. Froze some in the evening. Quite busy. News in the papers of the fall at Charleston, SC. Received papers, FRANK LESLIE’S waver, besides dailies. 12 pm, sat up late to read the papers. All quiet.

Wed 2-22-1865
Warm and pleasant. Commenced raining at about 4 pm and still wet at 10 pm. Salute fired today in honor of the day and the fall of the succession West Charleston. Military news very good. All quiet.

Thu 2-23-1865
Warm and pleasant. In afternoon it rained and was quite wet. News of the fall of Charlteston confirmed. All quiet, nothing new.

Fri 2-24-1865
Warm and pleasant. Very beautiful day. Was down to Wincester and saw the folks. Folks all well. Another salute fired today. Suppose that Wilmington has fallen. All quiet. Received three letters. Two from Yours (Truly) etc., and one from MRS. FREE.

Sat 2-25-1865
Wet morning. Drizzling rain pretty much all day. News of the fall of Wilmington confirmed. All quiet.

Sun 2-26-1865
Wet and muddy. Some activity among the Calvary in anticipation of the coming move. Orders to move tomorrow. Was downtown and got a “square meal”. All quiet.

Mon 2-27-1865
Wet and muddy. Mud very deep. Calvary moved today but no intimation of whether they are going. All quiet.

Tue 2-28-1865
Warm and pleasant, but very muddy. Was downtown. All the boys had moved out. Looks very delicate. All quiet.

Wed 3-1-1865
Warm and pleasant but cloudy. Mud from bad to worse doth continue. Nothing unusual, all quiet.

Thu 3-2-1865
Wet and rainy. Mud almost fathomless, horrible. With difficulty that a horse could travel off from the pike. No news of importance. All quiet. GENERAL CHAPMAN is unwell.

Fri 3-3-1865
Still wet and rainy. Went downtown in pm. Heard no news. All quiet.

Sat 3-4-1865
Rained pretty much all night. Cool and clear this am. Wind very high. Was down to Wincester. All quiet. Mud horrible. Received a letter from LIB (?) SMITH and also one from Yours Truly. No special news in the paper.

Sun 3-5-1865
Very fine day. Mud dried up a little, enough to make it quite stiff. Was downtown and called at GRIM’S and Larry boys. Wrote to LIBB and FRANK.

Mon 3-6-1865
Clear and warm. Reported that GENERAL SHERIDAN had captured GENERAL EARLY and the greater part of his command. Hope that SHERIDAN was to early fro him this time. Mud still unfathomable. And tough as the best army beef. Major returned this evening. All quiet.

Tue 3-7-1865
Clear and pleasant. Was downtown and spent a few hours in the society of charming ladies. Mud still deep but drying quite fast. All quiet.

Wed 3-8-1865
Warm and pleasant until near dark when it commenced to rain. 8 pm raining quiet hard. Rebel prisoners from Stanton arrived today. Some 1600 in number. GENERAL EARLY’S whole staff said to be among the lot. Some 14 officers. Did not see them but those that did say “a harder looking set they never saw. Some barefoot and the greater part very ragged.” Poor devils, they will have a rough time in this storm. Fortunes of war!

Thu 3-9-1865
Warm and damp. Rained considerable last night. The General was out last night, staff all dead drunk Never fails when he is absent. Suppose it is all right but how it looks. Was down to Wincester today, no news, all quiet. Nothing in papers.

Fri 3-10-1865
Very pleasant. Clear and cool with some wind. Officers drunk as usual last night and quite salubrious tonight. Otherwise it is through the day very quiet. No news.

Sat 3-11-1865
Pleasant and clear. Froze last night quite solid. Was downtown. Wind high from the southwest. All quiet, no news.

Sun 3-12-1865
Very pleasant. Mud dried considerably. Was downtown. MR GROVES was successful in obtaining CHARLES FREE’S body. Twas very much decayed. Flesh all off the skull and face, could not be recognized only from the peculularities of teeth. Recognized boots and clothing. All quiet.

Mon 3-13-1865
Very warm and pleasant. Was downtown and brought up remains of CHARLES FREE. Nothing new, all quiet.

Tue 3-14-1865
Very warm and pleasant. Was downtown. All quiet. 10 pm. Wind very high. South, cloudy and looks like rain.

Wed 3-15-1865
Wet and rainy. Rained pretty near all day. Roads again quite muddy. All quiet.

Thu 3-16-1865
Very wet and rainy. Rained nearly all day. Rain very heavy in the evening. Great talk of a dance at Headquarters on next Tuesday. White kids with the officers are all the rage. Special messenger going to Baltimore for the prerequisites to a killing outfit for staff. All quiet.

Fri 3-17-1865
Clear and cool with very high wind. Preparations still go on for the great dance. Lumber obtained for the floor. Not much of a St Patrick’s Day in this army. Very few were under the influence of spirits of departed saints – did hear of a few that humbled themselves so far as to roll in the mud. All quiet.

Sat 3-18-1865
Clear and cool. Mud drying up rapidly. All quiet.

Sun 3-19-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was downtown, very pleasant day.

Mon 3-20-1865
Warm and pleasant as May. Preparations for the dance still going on. Stroke of the axe and click of the hammer renders the air ? otherwise all quiet.

Tue 3-21-1865
Cloudy and warm. Looks very much like rain. Commenced raining in the pm. Went downtown, got quite wet.

Wed 3-22-1865
Rained nearly all night. Cool and windy this morning. Had to go to Camp on foot. Saw CURTIS boys in First Division, all well. Officers all drunk today. Champagne bottles standing around the house in platoons. Had a couple of races. In the last race, the Major fell from his horse and badly banged up. Were all drunk today, “Yours Truly” included. Otherwise all quiet.

Thu 3-23-1865
Wet and cloudy. Wind very high from west. Some rain and snow. Cool and wet in pm, rained quite hard in evening.

Fri 3-24-1865
Cool and damp with clouds and wind.

Sat 3-25-1866
Cool and cloudy with high wind towards eve. Very chilly. General races today. General and several others ran their horses. Afternoon the officers went down to Stevenson’s to a race. As ususal, they all cam back very salubrious, so much so that several of the dignitaries had to be helped to bed. All quiet.

Sun 3-26-1865 
Pages missing here.

Mon 4-3-1865
Damp and cloudy. Rained in pm. Had orders to march, was nearly all night getting ready. Was in town. “Richmond is ours” is all the talk.

Tue 4-4-1865
Marched at 10 am. Quite muddy and raining. Went as far as Winchester where we parked for the night. Army all moving out but on knows where.

Wed 4-5-1865
Still in camp in Winchester. Continues wet.

Thu 4-6-1865
Still at camp town. Orders to move tomorrow at 11 am to Berryville.

Fri 4-7-1865
Moved at 11 am to near Berryville. Very fine day for moving. Got into camp about 6 pm. Camped about two miles from B on the summit Point Pike.

Sat 4-8-1865
Very pleasant this am. All quiet.

Sun 4-9-1865
Cool and cloudy. Looks much like rain. Two men killed last night while on picket near Berryville or in town. One wounded and some captured. Commenced raining at present writing at 10 pm. All quiet.

Mon 4-10-1865
Wet, raining, quite muddy. Twenty seven years old today. All quiet in this department. Great news of surrender of LEE’S Army.

Tue 4-11-1865
Wet and muddy. Went to Winchester. Got back abourn 10 pm. All excited about the news.

Wed 4-12-1865
Cloudy but no rain until 4 pm. Raining at 9 pm.

Thu 4-13-1865
Clear and cool towards evening. Quite chilly. Was out for eggs. Got 5 dozen for 50 cents per dozen. Military prospect all lovely. All quiet in this department of the military theater.

Fri 4-14-1865
Very beautiful morning, warm and clear. Pleasant all day. All quiet.

Sat 4-15-1865
Wet and cloudy. Had orders to move at 12:30 pm. But after a few hours battle orders were countermanded. Rained quite hard till about 1 pm, then cleared up and was quite cool. Heard OLD ABE was assignated yesterday evening while leaving Ford Theater also SECRETARY STANTON. News at one time was that STANTON was dead and OLD ABE’S life despaired of. Dark – OLD ABE is dead.

Sun 4-16-1865
Cool and pleasant. President died yesterday at 7:22 am. All exhibitied sorrow at so great a clamity. All quiet throughout the lines.

Mon 4-17-1865
Cool and pleasant, quite cool all day. All quiet. Rebs coming in and surrendering in considerable numbers.

Tue 4-17-1865
Quite warm and pleasant. Command went down to Millwood to arrange terms for surrender of MOSBY and command, no terms agreed to. Accepted three days cessation of hostilities for purpose of considering terms. Mobile captured and JOHNSON said to have capitulated to SHERMAN but not definite. All quiet.

Wed 4-19-1865
Very warm and pleasant. Went to Winchester. Country full of Lee’s returned soldiers. Met columns of them on the road. All happy to get home.

Thu 4-20-1865
Cloudy and looks like rain. Started for Berryville about 10 am. When I arrived B Division all gone. Went towards H. F. found them about 10 miles from Sandy Hook on road back to Washington. Did not learn where they were going.

Fri 4-21-1865
Came back to P?ville, MD. Wet and cloudy.

Sat 4-22-1865
Clear and warm. STILES and STONE went to City Point. Nothing new.

Sun 4-23-1865
Very cold for April. High wind, dust in clouds. Wrote three letters. Disagreeably cold. Most as bad as winter.

Mon 4-24-1865
Warm and pleasant. No news, all quiet except at Dismount Camp. Quite a row over there.

Tue 4-25-1865
Very warm like summer. Orders to move tomorrow. Some of the dismounted men left today. Heard our Division returned to Washington.

Wed 4-26-1865
Started towards Washington. Marched as far as the river Monocacy (?) where after crossing river camped for the night. Another route planned through Adams Station on B & O railroad, Jefferson, Petersville, Buckeysville. Day very warm. Animals suffered with heat.

Thu 4-27-1865
Started at 7 am. Morning clear and warm. Enroute came through Urbanna, , Hyattsville and to near Rockville where we camped. Weather very warm, a good many animals played out. Heard that JOHNSON had surrendered.

Fri 4-28-1865
Warm and cloudy. Looks very much like rain. Orders to move a 7 am. Got started about 8 and came through Rockville. Crossed the Navy Yard. Arrived about 8 pm. Went into camp near race courses. All drunk. Heard that BOOTH was captured and JOHNSON surrendered.

Sat 4-29-1865
Very warm in am. Heavy shower in pm. Orders in papers relative to discharge of volunteers say we go to Port Tobacco (MD) on Monday.

Sun 4-30-1865
Cold and wet. Rained very hard. Lay in camp all day.

Mon 5-1-1865
Got ready to move at 7 am but did not get started until near 10. Very heavy rain. Mud very deep. Marched down the Potomac through Prince George County. Went through Piscataway (MD). Camped below Piscataway about 3 miles.

Tue 5-2-1865
Started about 7 am. Weather cold and windy. Quite chilly last night. Arrived at Port Tobacco (MD) about 12 pm.

Wed 5-3-1865
Still at Chapel Point (MD). Very warm. Boys at Dismount Camp very wild. Baptised some of the officers, gave them a good dunking. Some of men got away, say they are going home.

Thu 5-4-1865
Very warm. Went down to landing and got some shad. Nothing new. Command not in yet.

Fri 5-5-1865
Very warm. Warm as summer. Nothing heard.

Sat 5-6-1865
Pleasant and warm. One of the heaviest thunderstorms last night that I ever heard. Still laying around passing away time like an animal and one of the laziest kind. Days as long as weeks. No news worthy of noting.

Sun 5-7-1865 
Very warm. Lay around, sometimes asleep and sometimes moving around, in the laziest possible manner. Anyway to kill time. Time drags along the slowest at any time since we have been in the service. No news.

Mon 5-8-1865
Warm to excess..

Tue 5-9-1865
Warm. Was over to Dismount Camp. All 1862 men called for. Nothing new.

Wed 5-10-1865
Warm this am. Quite cool towards evening. Nothing new.

Thu 5-11-1865
Warm and pleasant.

Fri 5-12-1865
Rained very hard in night. Colder today.

Sat 5-13-1865 Next pages missing.

Weds 5-17-1865
Warm and pleasant, warm, nothing new.

Thu 5-18-1865
Very warm. Cavalry arrived at Washington. Rained towards night.

Fri 5-19-1865
Very warm. 1st and 2nd Brigade of Dismount Camp packed up for Washington.

Sat 5-20-1865
Very warm. Dismounted men on the move. Rained in afternoon. All quiet.

Sun 5-21-1865
Showery all day. Say we will move tomorrow for surety. Roads in bad condition. Orders to move in morning at 4 am.

Mon 5-22-1865
Got up at 3 am. Packed up, ready to move. Damp and sultry. Got ready to move at 5 am. Went through Port Tobacco (MD). Marched about 20 miles. Roads very bad. Went into camp about 1 pm.

Tue 5-23-1865
Cool and pleasant. Arrived at Ginsboro Point about 9 am. Where we waited for orders. Orders to go about noon. Moved through the city and then went to Blandensburg where we went into camp near the depot.

Wed 5-24-1865
Warm and pleasant. Trains passing every 15 minutes all loaded with passengers going to see the grand review.

Thu 5-25-1865
Warm and pleasant. Went over to see the 154th Regiment and saw the boys.

Fri 5-26-1865
Very rainy. Rained all day and very cold.

Sat 5-27-1865
Rained all night and still raining this morning. Rained all day today. Was up to our company, boys all well.

Sun 5-28-1865
Clear and cool this am. Roads very muddy. Went over to camp, boys all well. Orders to move in morning. Go 4 miles west of Alexandria. News that KIRBY SMITH had hurd (?) through trans miss dept (?).

Mon 5-29-1865
Moved at about 8 am. Weather very warm. Went up to Pennsylvania Avenue to 23rd Street where we found WARREN G’AY 10” V R lo Company G. G’ay looks very hard up, only a shadow of his former self. Got into camp near Cloud Mills about 4 pm. Camped near where we were 3 years ago June coming. Officers seem to be dilatory in getting papers out for E2 men.

Tue 5-30-1865
Warm and pleasant and hot! War waiting for MAJOR KING near all day. Nothing new.

Wed 5-31-1865
Very warm. Cavalry being mustered out quite briskly. A good number went out today.

Thu 6-1-1865
Very warm. Was at work all day making out papers for MAJOR KING. Got through about dark.

Fri 6-2-1865
Very warm. MAJOR KING went away this am. Went over to 104. Found them near Balls across the roads. Stayed about 5 hours. Saw MAJOR FULLER AND COOMBS also SOM BROWN. Very hot.

Sat 6-3-1865
Sultry and very hot. Went down to Alexandria. Awful hot.

Sun 6-4-1865
Very warm. Wrote some letters. Hot to the superlative degree.

Mon 6-5-1865
Cloudy and looks much like rain. Foggy but no rain. Very hot.

Tue 6-6-1865
Cloudy and cool. Looks like rain. No rain but foggy. Quite cool no as to be quite comfortable.

Wed 6-7-1865
Warm & murky but did not rain much. Slight shower in pm. Very warm. Went up to the regiment 62 boys not off yet.

Thu 6-8-1865
Very warm. 62 boys not off yet was up to regiment. Quite a thunder shower while up to regiment. Rained quite hard.

Fri 6-9-1865
Very warm. Started up to Company. Stopped at Brigade Headquarters with Sgt MULDOON. Sgt SMITH wanted me to go over to Brigade 16 LM dept. Told him would be up tomorrow.

Sat 6-10-1865
Went early to Sgt SMITH. Issued clothing to regiments. Then went to Alexandria for lumber. Got wet coming back.

Sun 6-11-1865
Quite warm and pleasant. Lay around all day. 62 men of our regiment were paid off today. Some started for home immediately.

Mon 6-12-1865
Warm and sultry. Slight rain.

Tue 6-13-1865
Very warm and sultry. Most oppressive day of the summer.

Wed 6-14-1865
Warm in am. Rained in pm. Was up to company.

Thu 6-15-1865
Some cloudy. Rained some. Reported to company then went down to STILES establishement.

Fri 6-16-1865
Cool and pleasant. Was posting books for Company. Appointed Quarter Sargent, “big thing.”

Sat 6-17-1865
Very warm. Did a good washing. Caught cold and felt old. 9 pm. Felt very bad, rested poorly.

Sun 6-18-1865
Was very sick all day, lay abed all day. Quite hot.

Mon 6-19-1865
Some sick today. Rained right smart. Said we are to be consolidated with 15th New York. Boys do not like it.

Tue 6-20-1865
Rained very hard today. Saw WES BABCOCK. At night went down to STILES and stayed. GEORGE CHANDLER and ASK BARD were there. Only two boys from Franklinville.

Wed 6-21-1865
Not so warm as usual. Orders to move to camp of the 15th. My boys held out for more time and would not go, finally got them out.

Thu 6-22-1865
Quite hot. In evening went down to STILES. Had to come right back to make out muster out rolls for ? of company. Got fairly to work when whiz zip, the bullets flew quite briskly. The 15th acted very cowardly. They kept firing at us nearly all night. 
Am, life was no safer than in old Rebel times gone off.

Fri 6-23-1865
Very warm today. Making out rolls and discharges.

Sat 6-24-1865
Very warm. Was making out muster rolls.

Sun 6-25-1865
Fine day till towards 2 pm. Worked on rolls all day.

Mon 6-26-1865
Very wet. Rained very hard.

Tue 6-27-1865
Very hot day. Was mustered out.

Wed 6-28-1865
Went over to Washington where we were paid. Got our pay and started for New York City. Arrived at New York.

Thu 6-29-1865
Arrived at New York about daylight. Put up at Sov?.

Fri 6-30-1865
Started early for Hudson River Railroad Depot but was not in time for the ? train. Took ? train as far as Peekskill where we waited for Poughkeepsie train. Train arrived at 12:46. Weather very warm. Arrived at Hamburg about 2 pm. Crossed Hudson River in a skiff. Arrived at MRS FREES about 3 pm. Went through Marlboro afoot.

Sat 7-1-1865
Quite damp and rainy. Rained considerable. Was very dry and much need of rain. Was down to Marlboro. On our way down, called on MRS WYGANT. Saw BRET RORR. All quiet in rural district.

Sun 7-2-1865
Quite cool and pleasant. Was up to Baptist Church at Savilton.

Mon 7-3-1865
Cool and pleasant. Started for home. Went up to Poughkeepsie. Stayed two hours. Took express at Poughkeepsie for New York at 1:45. Arrived at New York at 4:30.

Tue 7-4-1865
Took 6 pm express at New York City. Riding all night. Binghamton at daylight. Cool and very pleasant. Arrive at home on stage at 6 pm. People at Franklinville very undemonstrative. All quiet.

Wed 7-5-1865
Quite pleasant. Spent the day at home and around town. Wrote some letters.

Thu 7-6-1865
Warm, but cooler the last few days. All quiet in town. War declared in Sugar Town. Saw some of the wounded arrive. Blood seems to have been shed quite freely. Resorted to the satisfaction of the ?ar. Interesting ?.

Fri 7-7-1865
Very warm. Was up to Mr McCaa’s. All quiet around town. Milbanery Association through ?. Furnished my share of the news and was duly accredited therefore.

Sat 7-8-1865
All quiet in town. Weather comfortable. GUS AND SHUMAN arrived in town today.

Sun 7-9-1865
Warm. Went to church and heard Rev McV discourse --- forgot, tedious as usual.

Mon 7-10-1865
Spent the day by calling around. Milenary shop included in round. All quiet. Chapter of locals small.

Tue 7-11-1865
Made the “rounds” as usual. All quiet. No accidents, no births, no deaths, no weddings. Consequently the chapter of social items is small, very small.

Wed 7-12-1865
Hot with good breeze. Went to Olean. Arrived at Olean at 3 pm.

Thu 7-13-1865
Olean is still where it used “to was”. Lay around until 1 pm. Then started for home. Arrived about 4 pm. Weather cool, like fall.

Fri 7-14-1865
Quite cool, like fall weather. Nothing unusual around town.

Sat 7-15-1865
Cool and cloudy. Went downtown at 9 am. All on the qui vive to see the circus come in. Natives all out. Curious collection there. Natives are. Commenced raining in am. Rained hard.

Sun 7-16-1865
Very wet and rainy. Did not go to church. Stayed in the house nearly all day. Weather very wet and cold. Weather such as can be produced by any other county but Cattaraugus. Genuine Cattaraugus County weather.

Mon 7-17-1865
Cool and pleasant. Cool enough for October. Nothing unusual in line of gossip. All quiet.

Tue 7-18-1865
Cool and clear. Was helping old lady (his mother) color cloth all day.

Wed 7-19-1865
Warm and pleasant. Looks some like rain.

Thu 7-20-1865
Some cloudy, not very warm. Rained considerably enough to spoil haying for a day or two.

Fri 7-21-1865
Cleared up and was something of hay weather towards night.

Sat 7-22-1865
Quite pleasant. Was up to Shapirns, quite warm coming home.

Sun 7-23-1865
Was warm and pleasant. Was at church. Sermon was not one to wake the world to a sense of its inequities but – did very well to lull one to a comfortable nap.

Mon 7-24-1865
Pleasant. VAN AMBURY exhibited his wonderful collection of wild animals to – no doubt – an admiring crowd of natives.

Tue 7-25-1865
Warm with indications of rain. Rained considerably. Had a invitation to go down to Cadiz. Pled sore toe and laziness, besides muddy roads.

Wed 7-26-1865
Was warm and pleasant. Invitation to go to Cadiz was renewed by AD MCCLURE but could not see the ? of sore toe and laziness. The young ladies think returned (soldiers) are curious fellows and cannot appreciate their endeavors to get up something to amuse them. Perhaps it is so?

Thu 7-27-1865
Very warm. Went up to ? Naplies. Took tea at MRS MCCAA’S.

Fri 7-28-1865
Very warm. Spent the day in going to and from the village. Weather inclined to be showery in pm.

Sat 7-29-1865 missing pages.

Wed Aug 2, 1865
Weather pleasant. Started for the west. Took express at Cuba. Arrived at ? at 4 pm. Arrived at Cleveland (?) about 8 pm. Arrived at Toledo about 12 or 1 am.

Thu Aug 3, 1865
Warm and dusty. Traveling. Arrived at Chicago about noon. Had to wait until 10:20 pm for train. Went into the sleeping car and was oblivious until after daylight.

Fri Aug 4, 1865
Weather wet and showery. Arrived at Dunbrith (?) about 7 am. Crossed over the Father of waters. Had to wait until 10 am for train west. RR west from Dupre (?) in wretched condition from Illinois. Arrived at Waverly about 5 pm.

Sat Aug 5, 1865
Weather fine. It parted from Waverly early. Arrived at MR BRODINS about noon. Went our chicken shooting in pm. Mr B killed nine. Yours etc none, but got nicely wet.

Sun Aug 6, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Went over to DUTCHMAN’S to view the depradations of a wolf that had been ? sheep. He killed 2 and disabled 3.

Mon Aug 7, 1865
Very pleasant. In pm went over to Wilson’s Grove for wine for MR NAPIER. Weather very warm while going over prairie. Got back from Wilson’s Grove about 6 pm.

Tue Aug 8, 1865
Very warm and pleasant. Started about 4 am for MCGregors Landing. Went about 40 miles.

Wed Aug 9, 1865
Rained very hard early in am. Rainy all forenoon. Layover on account of rain.

Thu Aug 10, 1865
Came to McGregor, IA. Arrived about 10 am. Had to wait for boat until 4 pm. Went over to Pra Du Chien and remained until 9 pm.

Fri Aug 11, 1865
Cool. Arrived at Winona about noon. Car (Train) to leave for Rochester at 3:20 pm. Went over to the Franklin and had dinner. Arrived at Rochester at 6 pm. Went to orks State House and put up for the night.

Sat Aug 12, 1865
Very warm. Started for Farmington about 10 am. Very warm traveling. Arrived at Farmington about 2 pm.

Sun Aug 13, 1865
Very warm. Went to church. Heard MR. JENKINS. Remarks very purnile.

Mon Aug 14, 1865
Warm. Lay around. Visited some people. Very busy harvesting.

Tue Aug 15, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Worked for John in harvesting. Bound wheat in pm.

Wed Aug 16, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Was driving on reaper for John. Cut some wheat in am and oats in pm.

Thu Aug 17, 1865
Warm and clear. Driving reaper for John cutting oats.

Fri Aug 18, 1865
Warm, some cloudy. Looks like rain. Was tinkering and stacking from header.

Sat Aug 19, 1865
Cloudy. Commenced raining early. No harvesting today. Was up at MR K and MR JENKINS.

Sun Aug 20, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Was at meeting. No preacher, but had kind of class meeting. Each one relating their experiences. Entertaining and edifing.

Mon Aug 21, 1865
Cloudy and wet. Went to Rochester. Rained very hard in pm.

Tue Aug 22, 1865
Harvesting for John.

Wed Aug 23, 1865
Harvesting for John.

Thu Aug 24, 1865
Harvesting for John.

Fri Aug 25, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Harvesting for John. Was at MR BAKERS & HODGES.

Sat Aug 26, 1865
Very warm – hot. Harvesting at MR LITTLE’S.

Sun Aug 27, 1865
Very warm. Went to church and heard the REV SEDGWICK. Sermon very tame.

Mon Aug 28, 1865
Weather fine. Worked for John on header.

Tue Aug 29, 1865
Weather fine. Worked for John on header.

Wed Aug 30, 1865
Weather fine. Worked for John on header.

Thu Aug 31, 1865
Weather fine. Went of a fishing and fruit excursion.

Fri Sep 1, 1865
Weather fine and hot. Worked for John on header at MR HODGES.

Sat Sep 2, 1865
Very warm and fine. Went up and finished MR HODGES wheat in the am. Drove reaper for John in the pm.

Sun Sep 3, 1865
Warm with high wind. Went to church. Heard Rev MR BLAIN of Methodist order. Sermon average .

Mon Sep 4, 1865
Rained heavily in the night. Considerable rain fallen in the course of 12 hours. Cleared up this am. John went over to Plainview. Was doing nothing all day.

Tue Sep 5, 1865
Warm, some cloudy. Was up to LEW EVERETTS and SAM ROBINSON’S.

Wed Sep 6, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Went down by the river after grapes and plums. Had very good luck.

Thu Sep 7, 1865
Cloudy & looks like rain. Was stacking oats for John. Worked one half day. Commenced raining about 2 pm.

Fri Sep 8, 1865
Cloudy and cool. Was a funeral of GEORGE BAILEY’S boy. Started for Lake City about 2 pm. Arrived at Lake City about 10 pm.

Sat Sep 9, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Stayed around Lake City until 5 pm. Came as far as Boston House and stayed all night. Rained hard in night.

Sun Sep 10, 1865
Cool and clear. Started for home from Boston House about half past 8 am. Arrived home at 4 pm.

Mon Sep 11, 1865
Warm and clear. Worked at haying for self in pm.

Tue Sep 12, 1865
Worked cutting grass for self.

Wed Sep 13, 1865
Warm with signs of rain. Haying for self until middle pm. When it rained, rained very hard.

Thu Sep 14, 1865
Wet and foggy with indication of rain. Doing nothing.

Fri Sep 15, 1865
Clear and cool, haying for self.

Sat Sep 16, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Was hauling oats for John.

Sun Sep 17, 1865
Warm. Was at church heard Mr Blains farewell.

Mon Sep 18, 1865
Clear and pleasant. Commenced threshing for John. Run out 500 bushels of oats. .

Tue Sep 19, 1865
Cool and pleasant. Threshing wheat for John. Weather good. Run out 300 bushels. Weather continues fine.

Wed Sep 20, 1865
Still threshing wheat for John. Weather good. Run out 300 bushels and over.

Thu Sep 21, 1865
Still continues fine. Threshing wheat for John. 300 bushels and over.

Fri Sep 22, 1865
Weather cool and fine. Good weather for threshing. Threshing wheat for John. 300 bushels and over. Wheat good.

Sat Sep 23, 1865
Cloudy in am. Cleared up and fair all day. Was threshing for John.

Sun Sep 24, 1865
Very warm and pleasant. Was at church and heard REV SEDGWICK expound for the 3rd article of faith – Baptist. Very warm. Was up to K’s. LOUISE sorely affected with toothache.

Mon Sep 25, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Worked for John trashing.

Tue Sep 26, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Worked for John half day thrashing. Afternoon layed around.

Wed Sep 27, 1865
Warm and pleasant. Lay around, did nothing. A few showers through the day. But not enough to stop business.

Thu Sep 28, 1865
Warm and pleasant but very windy. Stacked hay in forenoon. Worked for MR HODGES in the pm threshing.

Fri Sep 29, 1865
Rained very hard in night. Worked for HODGES threshing.

Sat Sep 30, 1865
Clear and pleasant. Worked for HODGES threshing.

Sun Oct 1, 1865
Clear nice day, did not attend church. Was not any preaching.

Mon Oct 2, 1865
Clear and warm. Was threshing for Mr HODGES. Some frost last night.

Tue 10-3-1865
Warm and clear. Some frost this am. Was threshing for Mr HODGES.

Wed 10-4-1865
Clear and cool but no frost. Warm through day. Was threshing for Mr. KIMBALL

Thu 10-5-1865
Was warm and clear, weather very fine. Was threshing oats for KIMBALL.

Fri 10-6-1865
Weather fine. Was threshing wheat for KIMBALL. Amt threshed 241 wheat.

Sat 10-7-1865
Weather fine. Was threshing for KIMBALL. Amt threshed tonight, 676 oats, 111 oats, 674 wheat.

Sun 10-8-1865
Weather fair and warm. Was at church and heard the REV SEDGWICK expound from an article on faith.

Mon 10-9-1865
Warm and fair. Was threshing for KIMBALL.

Tue 10-10-1865
Warm and fair. Was threshing for KIMBALL.

Wed 10-11-1865
Warm and fair. Was threshing for KIMBALL.

Thu 10-12-1865
Cold and showery. Was doing nothing.

Fri 10-13-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was doing nothing.

Sat 10-14-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was doing nothing.

Sun 10-15-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was doing nothing.

Mon 10-16-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was doing nothing.

Tue 10-17-1865
Wet this am. Rained considerable in the night. All quiet. Rained nearly all day.

Wed 10-18-1865
Cold. Was down at Rochester. Got back a little after dark.

Thu 10-19-1865
Weather cold and windy. Worked for JAMES WILLIAMS and for MR A BAKER at threshing. Saw eclipse of sun.

Fri 10-20-1865
Cold but good weather to work. Was working for STEVE BAKER at threshing.

Sat 10-21-1865
Cool and pleasant. Was working for Steve B. Both his oxen at 125.

Sun 10-22-1865
Cold and cloudy. Did not go to church. SEDGWICK preached.

Mon 10-23-1865
Cold and cloudy. Commenced raining at 11 am. Was threshing for BAKER until rain. Rained remainder of day.

Tue 10-24-1865
Rained all night and raining this am. Rained nearly all day.

Wed 10-25-1865
Cool and cloudy, no rain. Commenced plowing for self, plowed all day.

Thu 10-26-1865
Wet this am. Cleared up or rather stopped raining about noon. Plowed in pm. Very cold tonight. 10 pm. First snow of the season, merely a flurry.

Fri 10-27-1865
Froze very hard last night. Did not go to work very early on account of frost. Plowed all day. Snowed hard or nearly all of the pm. Snowing briskly 8 pm.

Sat 10-28-1865
Snowed about 4 inches last night. No business today. Sat near the stove all day.

Sun 10-29-1865
Cold and disagreeable but no storm. Did not go to meeting.

Mon 10-30-1865
Very cold. Froze hard last night. Did not get to plowing until afternoon. Weather more moderate in pm.

Tue 10-31-1865
Froze hard last night. Cold this am. Did not get to plowing until 11 am. More moderate in pm.

Wed 11-1-1865

Thu 11-2-1865
Weather more moderate. Plowed all day.

Fri 11-3-1865 
Weather quite fine, plowed all day. Quite pleasant.

Sat 11-4-1865
Cold. Could not work until noon. Plowed all pm.

Sun 11-5-1865
Cold and windy. Did not go to church. Stayed in the house nearly all day.

Mon 11-6-1865
Froze quite hard last night. Cleaned up a load of wheat for ? in am, plowed in pm.

Tue 11-7-1865
Clear and cold, was plowing.

Wed 11-8-1865
Clear and cold, was plowing.

Thu 11-9-1865
Clear. Cold in am but pleasant in pm. Plowing.

Fri 11-10-1865
Froze hard last night. Clear and cold. Plowing in forenoon & worked for MR HAINES at threshing in pm.

Sat 11-11-1865
Clear and cold. Froze very hard. Was threshing for MR HAINES.

Sun 11-12-1865
Clear and moderate. Went to church.

Mon 11-13-1865
Warm and clear. Weather fine, was threshing for HAINES.

Tue 11-14-1865
Weather fair. Was threshing for HAINES.

Weds 11-15-1865
Warm. Weather beautiful. Broke the mashery in pm.

Thu 11-16-1865
Cloudy and cold. Went down to Rochester with John. Got back about 8 pm. Very dark and chilly.

Fri 11-17-1865
Weather cleared up. Clear and cold. Went over to HAINES and helped him.

Sat 11-18-1865
Clear and cool with wind from south. Bought some trees from SABIN. Buried them per instructions. Was plowing.

Sun 11-19-1865
Clear and pleasant. Was at church. REV MR MASON from Rochester delivered the sermon.

Mon 11-20-1865
Clear and cold. Was plowing.

Tue 11-21-1865
Clear and cold. Was plowing.

Wed 11-22-1865
Clear and pleasant. Roads dry and dusty. Went over the Zumbro to look at some timber. Got back about 3 pm.

Thu 11-23-1865
Clear and warm today. Some frost last night. Was plowing for John. Some trouble with fire in pm.

Fri 11-24-1865
Warm and pleasant. Was plowing for John.

Sat 11-25-1865
Warm & clear. Plowing for John.

Sun 11-26-1865
Clear and cool. Went down to Rochester in pm with GEORGE BARD & JOHN PORTER.

Mon 11-27-1865
Did not get started from town until about dark. Came up with MR HAINES. Oxen plowing for John.

Tue 11-28-1865
Snowed some last night, about 2 inches. Was plowing for John.

End of diary except for a few pages with figures on them as follows:

Feb 10, 1866
Seth Murray paid $5.00, Alex Perkin $5.00

Cash Acct
Mar 1 paid for board $4
Contingencies $5
Mar 4 Sundries $1
Mar 9 Collars $.50
Mar 11 Washing $.50
Mar 13 Fixing boat $.50
Little girls $.75
Tobacco $1.25
Mar 14 Odds n Ends $ $1.00
Jim Henry $1.00
Mar 20 wares $1.00
Barber $.75
Mar 21 Whiskey $1.25
Mar 22 Received for horse $25.00
Apr 1 Rec’d St Ball $120.00
Bill Stone pd $1.00
Apr 22 Stiles $20.00
Sundries $5.00
Apr 25 Whiskey for boys, $3.00
Apr 28 Sundries
Received $190.00, paid $ 34.00
April 4, 1866 Started from Chicago for Omaha, arrived Omaha April 8.

Cash account May
3rd tobacco $.50
4th shad $1.50
5th potatoes and bread $1.50
8th sob & c papers $1.00
11th potatoes and produce $.50
20th sundries $10
25th sundries $5
Total paid $18.00

Aug 4, 1866
Received from Uncle Sam $2,000 cash. Paid Mrs Oaks $10.00.

Aug 6, 1866
Worked for John Little half day lathing.

Aug 7, 1866
Worked one day, also 8th through 11th.