5th New York Independent Battery's Civil War Newspaper Clippings

Returned--Lieutenant Samuel Lewis, of the Excelsior Light Artillery has returned to his home in this city, having resigned his position. In the battle of Chancellorville he fought his battery with a bravery and skill which won for him the commendation of his superiors in rank. As an artillerist Lieut. Lewis had years ago acquired a proficiency as perfect as that of the regulars, and was, therefore, more capable than a majority of those in the Excelsior corps. The Captain of his battery, Bruen, was not in command during the fight, whether he was on furlough, or under suspension, we have no means of ascertaining. However, when the conflict was over, Captain Bruen appeared again and took charge. Lieut. Lewis considering that he had fully performed his share of the bloody work, and encountered all the danger, concluded to leave the next onslaught to the Capt. That so brave and competent an officer should be without a command is a sore loss to the Government.